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Never Wonder About God’s Timing part 2

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When the tow truck was in view, the silent happy dance  commenced. As The Two eagerly jumped out to help, the unfortunate words by the now nearly heat stroked quite irritable woman “Where’s The Mechanic?” slipped out.

Instead of the serious assessor of all things environmentally hazardous, whom I had been commanded would be there (see part 1),  two teenage boys appeared. Immediately apologizing for my irritability and asking if they understood the potential seriousness here.

Quickly they exchanged looks. “We’re just here to get you back to town”.

Clearly they had not read the handbook for things going awry on which you could choose to perseverate  7 miles into your journey. Attaching the van to their summer job Truck we piled in the cab and turned back South.

Drawing them to chat, the  younger shared he had just arrived from Southern Oregon by bus this very afternoon. The elder-just-legal-driver had grown up  in Central Oregon. W e chatted about family, school , future plans, and summer lazy days, I leaning forward to better converse with both more face to face.

At some point both ventured a joint courageous  “you seem a bit  stressed. Are you up tight about something?”

Speechless. Probably gaping mouthed I sat there.

Amidst this social interaction and even long before getting in , my mind had gone over the timing of the rest of this yet to begin  trip: reservations,  time, check in, take off, who to call, how to reroute, what if the van was kaput, details $ details $ details $. Not to mention the minor detail of constant wondering ‘was there gas leaking from the vehicle to which these two barely teens had attached our lives.

Had they really not read the EPA manual on SOP (standard operating procedure) ?

Mental MULTItasking to the M-A-X (remember part 1? i have a plan and schedule)

and they’re surprised I would be uptight. (Clue….out of the mouths of babes)

Breathe. Until that moment i had not realized i was uptight. Breathe. What’s the risk? What can my heart handle?

The mechanic immediately found that the fuel hose had separated from the whosit to which it should have been engaged. Because they had done much repair work just the day before it was under warranty. A faulty tail light was also replaced. Insurance billed for the tow. The Two on their way their summer swimming hole.



Breathing. No Hazmat Suits. None of the predicted thunder or lighting storms. On a deserted road when a truck “just happens” to come along and notice a leak no one else had caught. No “news at 11:00 ” attention. No fire trucks.  No fire. The seeming intensity of the leak due to the recent fillup, at the coinciding loosening of  the hose.

Hot , tired but contentedly driving away only 90 minutes behind (my) schedule but perfectly orchestrated in The Kingdom.

“I have ordered your steps”…Psalm 119:113; Psalm 37:23.

“Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you”…Psalm 55:22; 1Peter 5:7.

For which I am so deeply grateful,

Until next time~Shandra

(Side note: the author does not usually fret or allow anxiousness in, preferring to proactively nip it in the bud. The above tongue in check resources for those that do)


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