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Never Wonder About God’s Timing or What’s 3 Minutes More or Less Part 3

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Three am arrived  to find me  with hotel room coffee and iron in hand.
The drive north having been remarkably routine for which I was thankful, yet the mild degree of wobble held fast .
Arriving with no remaining daylight, but still plenty of time for rest, writing and preparation. Dozing off and on , every room light on , dreaming I slept through the alarm and wake up call only to play Olympic Sprint on the tarmac in an unsuccessful bid at the 6:00 flight.


The TSA “Georgia” was the Jewel to start the trek known as air travel. She joked, she laughed, she did her duty with firmness, respect and joy. Joking with her about her daily 4:00 am perkiness , she replied that we didn’t want to be around at the end of her shift unless arriving with gifts of espresso and chocolate in hand.

TSA “George” was the end of the spectrum. Glumly, resentfully, almost viciously, going about his job loudly letting everyone know he was suffering the slightest “foolish” infraction (like forgetting to remove ones laptop  for examination, yikes 🙂 ). If this was him at the top of his shift, I feel for “Mrs George”, although I imagine “Georgia” can manage.

The 6:00 am flight went without a glitch, complete with an empty seat between the man from Aurora, Colorado who talked of his  weekly commute  to Dallas. Chatting about his trip to Oregon, family, work, Faith, in between dozing  and reading I appreciating the window seat, as the clouds let us pass.

Still the wobblies lingered.

Both coming and going had been planned with perfect God timing and nonstop flights. Another God gift being the fare for these flights were less than any other. Arriving at DFW with 40 minutes between connecting commuter flights. Yes DFW. Forty.  Minutes.

No worries. It had been this or 3 hours. Locating the tram (one of my least favorite methods of travel ) like herds of sheep we boarded while a quick recorded voice warned us as we sped jerkily forward, stop -n- go style.

The gate of the connecting flight was just being opened. The Gatekeeper made eye contact and smiled. A quick glance at the clock, plenty of time, no worries. Lingering momentarily at the news stand, more chatting . Strolling to the Gate, the waiting area deserted. The Gate keeper preparing to close the door, with instantly widening eyes as she recognized me. “You have 3 minutes.” as she moved to let me pass. “Hurry”, she called to my disappearing back “once they close that door it will Not open again”

The enclosed glass ramp for a moment was confusing as my mind raced. Feeling as if I was somehow entering a time warp . Breathe.

The first of 2 doors would not budge . My sleep deprived , excited traveler mind did not automatically think to move on. Standing there for a moment, feeling all the moments of rerouting and entering the unknown rising up. Sensing all eyes from the above waiting lounge, I turned to dozens of faces. Some politely looked the other way, some looked on with total lack of interest , almost with a cloud of complacency.

Two children with eyes riveted, parents nearby clearly having outlined that this woman would never make it. The woman visibly willing me to win. The Two children, one boy one girl, looked down the ramp toward the second door.

Moving on with clearing head and enlightened Spirit as the flight attendant released the handle of the closing door to allow me to board. “You made it!” she cheerily greeted.

My Uncle chats with me that the legal limit between flights is greater  than 40 minutes. I smile patiently  at him.

Particularly appreciative it was  forty Minutes this time and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal. 🙂

Being grateful that 3  signifies His purpose or Will. and in Moments. whew. 🙂

Being thankful that of 2 doors, the right one continues to open. 🙂

Being very thankful Weebles at times wobble, but don’t fall down. 🙂

And therefore, be strong in The Lord and power of His might. Ephesians 6:10

Until next time, being grateful that acceleration happens:) xox

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