Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Confidence in Him

” Why so distant, Daughter?” He asked

“This is so unfair. It’s not the way obedient Life is supposed to be”

“Why so sad, Daughter?”, He asked.

“I did everything You asked. I did everything I knew how, but it’s just not enough”

“Oh? Tell me more,” He said as she sunk into His open lap, drawing nearer.

“I didn’t know about your True Holy Spirit Presence. I couldn’t teach them something I didn’t know.”

He nodded in agreement and understanding.

She sighed sleepily, weary from beating herself up.

“Enough, Child” He Whispered. Adding with a smile, “I think there’s a Bible verse and story about that”


“Often I have to shield My disciples from their own scorn and chiding”.~GOD CALLING

to be continued~~

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