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Confidence Through the Seasons of Setbacks

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“Don’t look back and ask, “Why?” Look ahead and ask, “Why not?” When it comes to your dreams and goals, be too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated.” 


This particular weekend dawns crisp, clear, fresh and new. Just as 2012 did 9 months ago.  With coffee near by, the sounds of Life stirring, I write. Many are Running for a Cause  Me? In spirit.

2012 dawned with lovely hopes, dreams, Promises. Three fourths of this year having passed, I reflect on many of those which have come about  and equally how many dissolved .

This weekend , the first in September, was to be my first Half. Running and I have always been buddies~ through the storms (literally in the rain or sleet and figurativel) of Life. But I’d never really thought of races, for competitive I am not.

Early days were relays, sprints and hurdles. Now days 3-5 casual mile, because I want to. The idea of a Milestone Race came and was confirmed. Eager to learn I  joined 2 consecutive running groups. In those 6 months, much I have learned.

Runner at Heart, I am. Going the distance is what I do.

As the miles increase pressing through is part of who I am. This time the pain was different. A warning of inadequate support for the longer distances which my current ( read comfie  cute) shoes could just not provide. I was asking for something they couldn’t give.

With newly fitted support I set out again. Alas, Too late. Injuries  and Capital D, Discouragement sidelined  plans for community and Milestone this very weekend. Plans went from Half, to 10K, to 5K, to none.

Yet, Milestones have been reached just the same. Remember 2012…Completion. Other interests piqued. New activities explored. Many people met.

At the same time other losses, disappointments, setbacks created an opportunity to press in, draw even nearer. Rely on self or Rely on Him…and keep moving~ reaching New Milestones.

The original draft title of this post was “Confidence in the seasons of setbacks.” Transferring to final draft, I felt it.  See the difference?

Through. Not in.

Through this season, the first partof 2012, some difficult and disappointing events revealed. Those lingering types that hang around~unanswered wonderings and whys, then in His timing~ there are the keys to those shackles. You See. You’re free.


Continuing to  enjoy Life, dreaming Big, life long learning. Forward thinking, having fun.

Through not In.

If you look closely you’ll see the old improved bounce in my step. You might just notice the Crown sitting a little less Wobbly~ actually look closer. It’s Straight, Snug and Level.

That’s what happens when we step out of the shackles and back into the dancing shoes…

The times they are a changing. But that’s another story. 🙂

Looking ahead and asking why not?

Until next time, take good care Friends, Shandra

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