Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Greetings Fellow Sojourners. Tis the Season for Gratitude and Thankful Hearts. 

Periodically The Lord gently asks me to look closely at my life and prune away in areas~both ‘bad’ and ‘good”. . To do so effectively requires reflection, acceptance, knowledge, wisdom, patience and guidance.

This process always results, at least for me, in a greater appreciation from where I’ve come (my “roots”), my growth and especially for what I have in this Life. 

Isn’t that just like our Loving Heavenly Father , The Master Gardener?  Refocusing our energy on His Best. His Dream. His Life. His Vine. The Vine.

 During these couple of months of “resting” (in Him and His process) this life traveler has experienced  the privilege of traveling along a path to meet many that I might never have otherwise.  Bloggers, speakers, writers, readers, teachers, theologians, authors, friends and many more.

During November  and December 2012, I’d like to share their wisdom and Gratitude here in the pages of With Heart Wide Open. They tell the journey so much better than I.

Hope you’ll pull up a comfy chair with  a cup of tea or your extra hot Latte and come back . If not take good care ~thanks for dropping by.  In the meantime be blessed, but more importantly Be A Blessing. Bloom and be Fruitful in His Grace. 

To be continued…Until then…Shandra 


Lord, We ask for your perfectly timed pruning in our own lives and we thank you for removing what is not of You inside of us.  We are better for the pruning that comes through You.  You know EXACTLY what and how much to cut away.  We want to flower to Your honor and glory, always.  In Jesus name, Amen  (prayer excerpt from )

6 Replies to “Perfectly Timed”

  1. Connection is The Key isn’t it ? 🙂 I appreciate the transparency with which your blog your trials and Triumphs as a Wife, Mom, and Faithfilled Woman.
    Keep writing! We are reading.


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