Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Empty…It’s a Good Thing!

True and Timely Words. Forgive. Self. Forgive Others. Face Down.Humbly. Then Face UP to He Who Loves Me and You. Hands out, open, Empty. Its a good thing. Shandra


I just have to put this out there…last week God brought some truth and a fresh perspective to my life; after I got home from our vacation. It is being brought home to me this week, what He placed on my heart to write last week. It’s funny…I didn’t really connect the dots until this morning. I was editing some stuff on my blog and saw the title of this week’s chapter in Unglued; “The Empty Woman” and then the title of the post I wrote last week; “Empty” was looking at me in both instances.

This all happened after I read part 2 of the “From Hurt to Healing” series from S.W.A.P., which also spoke to me about the hurts that are filling me and not being released to God. If I am holding onto all of these hurts, then I am not empty enough for God to heal…

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