Have You had a Moment with God Today????

Gods perfect timing . Words and strength from the seasons of “Weary” to the seasons “Refreshed”, Renewed” Restored.  Trusting you’ll encounter a God “Moment” today. Dressing in garments of His finest silk this very day. Blessings, Shandra


Moments with God…

Have you had a moment with God today?

I felt the need to provide some clarity regarding “Moments with God” this morning.  You have to approach a moment with God with a heart that is pure and free from sin.  Prayer and confession should be at the beginning of our quiet times.  We need to be free of anything that hinders God’s ability to move in our lives.

I found this prayer on-line and I think it is a wonderful prayer to use at the beginning of our quiet times.  It is something to get you started and you can adjust it to fit your own personal needs each day.  It isn’t about the words you speak…it is about the motivating factor behind those words.  “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from…

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