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Be Brave Choose The Blessing Ground p.2

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Expectancy made up for lack of sleep as she rose and readied. The streets outside her lodging ran with water from the all-night  downpour. Winds buffeted everything. Vivid reminder why she had cried out to God for decades to please move her family from this soggy region. Yes, tis true.  She did.

There is not enough product in the World to tame unruly curls in weather such as this. Not enough dry socks or boots or an umbrella sturdy  enough.

She thought back on His faithfulness. As a child there were many opportunities , none taken. As a grown woman with children several times doors opened. The year she had marked her lovely little wall AND desk calendars with 93 consecutive days of black sky and rain was the year He had chuckled , or perhaps sighed, then provided a way for the second time.  When the door opened this time, they moved through it.

She laughed out loud at her sudden thought. ..Thankful she hadn’t been asked to build an Ark.

. “This is part of the process. Do you see how far you’ve come? Do you see your growth?”

“Do You See??? Daughter its vital that you SEE and Remember.”

Maneuvering the spirited little rental car that weekend, she recognized landmarks, remnants of her old life. As an itinerant teacher in this land for years there were many memories. Life had been full of blessings and challenges. A multifaceted training ground. Traveling through the “lands of her Fathers” with new eyes to see new ears to hear.


In the bright of morning entering the conference freshly expectant she saw several familiar faces…and a sword. A lovely shiny silver two-edged five foot, Sword. She wanted to hold it. Momentarily regretting that she had traded her sword for a Tambourine.

“you have no need of that kind of  sword  any longer, Daughter. it is a season finished.”

Passing on the photo op (no makeup no hair product=No photos) she chatted instead. And listened.And Danced. And Sang. And Worshiped The One True God.


And remembered. What. Has. Already. Been. Done .

The territory taken.


And SAW.


The generational BlessingsPromised. 


And Heard.

The price to walk in the call of “Special” is high. 



This Season~so very Thankful for His glorious timing . His Remembrances . His Process. This weekend full of remembrances of the old…buried and gone.

Pressing toward the goal. When we call He answers.

Amy  Sollars ~

*Its Brave to press on without recognition.

*Its Brave to stand against the spirit of the ages and call forth Holy Spirit.

*Its Brave to prepare for the fulfillment in Faith and Joy.

I would add~

*When Your Past Calls Out*When You make mistakes*When your broken heart is heavy*When Life doesn’t look as you hoped.*When Your Future appears Bigger than you Expected.

*Be Brave Dear Ones~ He has a Plan for You. Until next time~


An excerpt from the Declaration song written for this conference: 

Courage is the Power to let go of the familiar things  Taking captive all my wandering thoughts, renew my mind.


Forgetting what once was and believing the best. Rising up in Faith. I WILL stand in Righteousness.

I let go of what I used to know.

I lay down my rights to my past.

I have overcome ALL the things that I have done.

I have been set Free.

I am Fierce, Strong a Pioneer , I have triumphed over fear~ I am Brave.

My old man IS in the grave. I have Faith , Joy  I have been Saved. I am Brave. 

written and sung by Katy Joy |


ps ~there were numerous other gifted speakers and songs which will be referenced in future posts~but That’s another story 🙂 . ~Shandra


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