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A Prophetic Word :

Wednesday’s Word…from “Manifest Him” .


A Prophetic Word :

Recently, while at a women’s conference/banquet, the Lord dropped a prophetic word on me. It came so quickly from Heaven that I was writing on a napkin as fast as I could. I present it to you here.
And the Lord would say:
Many of you, dear daughters of the King, have had great gains and losses and all types of things.
Great victories and failures; and you did all that you could. Isn’t it wonderful to know it all works for good?
For even death, it has no sting. Old dreams resurrected, good tidings we bring.
Today is the day, now this is the hour, I am about to throw my girls a great big shower.
Showers of blessings, showers of love, I’m opening the windows of Heaven above.
I’m sending you messengers, Mine bring good news. I’m releasing an army, you have paid your…

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