Day Five Seven Feet of Joy

Christmas with friends and family 2014 photo by @shandra__lee
Christmas with friends and family 2014 photo by @shandra__lee


Please hear me~it’s not that we don’t celebrate Christmas in our home. We do!

It’s not that a tree is out of our budget. It’s not! (  I have a credit card!) jk  🙂

The  Grinch I am not.    grinchsmile

It’s not that I don’t love a good tree. I do!

You can read the story on joy of easy trees Alas, tho’, that Tree O Ease has gone by the way. Never did get it back in the box either. )


Recently, sensitive Friends  invited us to join them in the Tradition of Cutting.

Memories. Has it been that long already?

Eight years ago, just days before Christmas- arriving to a dark home -finding ourselves an “official ” family of three. Conversation that night and in the weeks to follow about the peaceful feeling stirring in our hearts and Home. New Beginnings.

That Christmas, Over the river and through the woods with the Grenfells and several others. A holly jolly group fueled by Hot chocolate, armed with boots, saws, hats and silliness. Lots of Laughter and silliness.

The resulting lovely BIG tree with lots of warm coziness. Warm and cozy  from dragging said Giant to the caravan, hoisting , heaving and ho,ho, ho’ing.  Usually a tree much grander in size than our small room resulting in the other tradition of cutting off plenty.

Loads of friends and family , lots of healthy activity, laughter and merriment.


The new freedom to participate in healthy traditional activities and create new memories thrilled this Woman. Visions of family sleigh rides, caroling and helping others danced in her head. Sadly, the new freedom to participate felt like trying to fill a gaping, jagged hole to two sorrowful sons, a spotlight on what went terribly wrong in their lives.  Eventually , the juxtaposition  of happy, intact families  took a toll on the hearts and Spirits of the recovering  broken.

Honoring our feelings, deflecting the spotlight and restoring the foundation ripped away by d-i-v-o-r-c-e  -became  the next Season. Quietly creating our own balance of New and Old Memories with New and Old Traditions.

Fostering quiet holidays for two young boys becoming men, living back and forth between two juxtaposed homes.

Eight years later. New Beginnings.

“Do it Daughter” IAM whispered. “Accept, Receive. It’s for you both.”

Last night  my front door opened to a flurry of activity as a lovely 7 footer entered in the arms of 3 lovely smiling faces. The perfect full circle Gift .

MsAndrea  & her children bless & Deliver! photo sans flash by @shandra__lee 12/1/2012

Blessing. Given.

Blessing. Received.

Seven foot blessing. Indeed! @shandra__lee 12/1/2012 in the old homestead. in the old life, a New beginning was just around the corner for MissAndrea & myself.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver And a cheerful receiver. It’s good for the Spirit.

“A joyful heart is like good  medicine, but a broken Spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17:22

Delightful 2012
Delightful 2012


How about it friends? Do you have a story of tradition or blessing to share? What gives your heart Joy during the holidays?

We would Love to hear it!

Stuffed & hung with Care
Stuffed & hung with Care near that beautiful Tree


Deck The Halls! 2012



Love amid the Zoo Lights
Love blooms amid the Portland OR Zoo Lights, 2014

New Life New Traditions now in 2015-  often celebrating here The Social Scene

follow along on instagram or twitter—>>>

Come back all through the 2015-2016 Season (til Valentines Day at least ) to see the New Life traditions right here. Until then & With Heart Wide Open, Cheers! slwh


  1. I certainly can relate you your post. Exactly 8 Christmas’s later that I am challenged with creating Christmas tradition for my family without dad and we also purchased our live tree. It was good as my daughter and her friend helped me in getting in the stand, centering it and we are enjoying the scent—surprisingly it does have a strong one!
    I don’t need the tree and can do without but I see in my daughter that desire to have things status quo and share the common tradition and not bypass because of any reason I can find that make sense to her, I have tried.
    So we do the turkey and tree and cookies and all the expected festivities at Christmas Eve service I thank the Lord another year for strength and enjoy my favorite time, celebrating His birth in a Worship Service with my family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Traditions. Those events, activities or stories we pass on from generation to generation. So very important, probably more so when we least feel like it.I truly love the picture you’re creating for your daughter and yourself(and her friends!) She’ll remember these times of investment. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your story.

      I have to admit , unlike our easy breezy Tree in a Box, the scent of fresh pine from this lovely Gift is soothing.
      Blessings all over you and your Christ-mas.
      Keep winning, please.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really Shandra, there is nothing better than a fresh cut tree for tradition.
    Happy Holidays!! A perfect post for this weeks #OMHGWW
    You also welcome to stop by and share on my Friday Features is you have time!
    Have a great weekend!
    Happy Holidays!


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