Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


This furniture set had served it’s purpose yet replacing  it would be costly. All the familiar “what ifs” occasionally pushing their way through…what if you can’t afford…what if you can’t find…what if you...i …again.

Another phone call. Another email. Some of the many inquiries to the pieces listed for sale.

To each full price or reasonable counter offer He said “No“.

Pressing “send”, the request for the donation truck was made. All of it to be gone. At the moment of releasing the unknown, the phone rang. The soft voice on the other end explained she was new to the area and was in need of a dresser. Could she see the one I had for sale?

“Yes” I answered. ” Come on over”

New to the area, first time out at night, alone, in pouring rain. A petite, soft spoken gentle woman. ..Something about her.

We chatted a few seconds, two women seeking common ground. She began sharing her story. Little drops at first. Testing the water of my response. All the while perusing the dresser.

More of her story~how she came to be in this far off land…Something about her.

The familiar Whisper “This is The One for Whom You Wait“.

Would you please allow Father God to gift this to you?” i whispered to her.

The cascade of tears. The rest of her Story…betrayal,loss,safety. Something about her….about her story…her Life.

She is you. She is me.

She returned the next morning. Crisp, clear air in brilliant sunshine. Hugs and smiles.

Later that day she texted a photo of the dresser snuggled in her new space. Fresh starts. Completion. New Beginnings.

Her circle of influence witnessing her faith-filled journey. Jehovah Jireh answering her prayers and needs at every turn. In the midst of all the unknowns. She is Brave. He Is Faithful. He Provides.

We are all waiting for something, someone, sometime. During those waiting seasons giving up on God’s plan or creating our own seems like a great alternative, Especially during the Holidays which can be hard for so many reasons.

Please don’t. Please hear this voice of experience and maturing  reason. It may seem He’s not moving quickly enough. Friends, God always keeps His Promises. Be patient. Be Brave. keep Moving In His Path, through His Doors.

Release your plans.

Follow His Light.

His timing is perfect.

During this Season I’m reminded of others who waited patiently~and were greatly rewarded~

The Wise Men (Matthew 2:1-12) |

Simeon and Anna(Luke 2: 22-36)

Jesus, The One for Whom You Wait. 


Keep winning~Merry Christmas~


11 Replies to “The One for Whom You Wait”

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and the encouragement! I enjoy your blog as well~esp. the name~Witness Well. Says it all me thinks. 🙂
      Keep Winning.


  1. My heart was serenaded by your beautiful sharing of your treasured words…they were awe-inspiring Shandra, you have blessed us all with the living light you share everyday…thanks always for the blessings! You are a treasure dear sister! God Bless!


    1. I am deeply humbled and touched that any words on these pages would ever become nuggets to touch anyone.
      That folks would give time to stop, read and even comment continues to amaze me. Thank you for your encouragment. Very much appreciated. To Him be the Glory.


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