Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Swiftly, silently as practiced , one by one the doors to each classroom clicked shut, locking. The reinforced glass  covered with black paper to keep out unwelcome eyes. For such a time as this. Children quietly slid to the floor moving toward the corners trying to stuff themselves into the smallest space. The two teachers in the room exchanged looks.

This was not a drill.

The calmness and silence in the room, in the hall, in D Building spoke volumes of the seriousness.

This was not a drill.

About the time we all wondered if it was a drill we heard it. Slowly. Someone moving  door to door trying the handles. One child whimpered moving closer to her neighbors,  allowing her tear-stained fearful little girl face to disappear into their embrace. The two women looked at each other from across the room. They were prepared for this, though never really believing it would be required. Yet, they would do whatever it took to protect and defend these children.

This was not a drill.

In the hallway the footsteps stopped outside our classroom door. The handle rattled briefly. The sound of metal jangling. Handcuffs? Keys? or something else, we could not be sure. For what seemed like eternity they stood there. Then moved on out the double doors to the outside.

A collective sigh of relief silently escaped and we all realized we had held our breath.

This was not a drill.

Our situation ended much differently than for many . Everyone of us walked out of that building.  Every text message, phone call and family member were returned. Never though, will I forget waiting with the children.The cold hard floor of that silent classroom.  Never will I forget their bravery and courage in the face of legitimate fear.

The nature of our World. Its not a rehearsal. It’s not a drill.

In July, as I drove along a Texas road a man walked into a movie theater in Colorado. A week ago a gunman in an Oregon Shopping Mall. Yesterday as I entered a Redmond Elementary School ~across the country colleagues and children were hiding.  Family and friends waiting to hear their voices .

Many have put into words about the tragedy what most of us feel. Please follow this link to her blog.

More words of comfort on yesterdays loss~

Life is Too Short to focus on what ifs, mistakes or misunderstandings.

Life is Too Short. Talk about your Joys Your Hopes Your Dreams.


2 Replies to “This Is Not A Drill”

  1. Shandra, powerful messages, thanks for sharing them across our blog world. It is an evil that is rearing its ugly head too often! Pray for those whose lives were taken needlessly away, and for their families and the surrounding communities for all will be affected by this tragedy for a very long time to come! Pray that His healing spirit comes quickly! God bless!


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