Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

This morning -the end of the world?

As the “Doomsday” Calendar  predicted?

In the background the Bells softly Toll.


For myself and so many others Life goes on. For our friends and neighbors times have changed so drastically, it indeed feels as if the doom is upon us.

Outside drifts of lovely swirling powdery snow. So lovely how can it be?

Warm bed, warm coffee, warm fire, (a no matter what)  warm heart.

In this National Moment  Of Silence, remember…

Constants for which  to be thankful in this Season: These 4 things!!!


*Christmas cards from around the world. each one a reminder of connection still being shared.

*Companions  who can with experience and sincerity say “this too shall pass”.

*Children. Choirs who bless with their sweet unexpected presence. Sledding down the drive. Neighbors delivering, smiling through drifted snow.


*Christmas Cookies.



*Christ Our Savior and King.


Life goes on. Life changes , one day the World (your world as you know it ) will end.  Only One thing remains the same, certain and sure.

May it be a Merry Peaceful December 21st, 2012 & beyond, for us all.



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