Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Its been a bit “active” around the homestead this past week. Lots to do to bring in a new year, resume the school year and send a child off.


Mandrew’s Going Away Party Thanks for Coming!

Oh, didn’t you hear?

Yes, tis true. The youngest, Andrew (soon to be 20) has trekked out on his own great adventure, invited by Pastor friends to join their big (growing 🙂 ) household and team. (more on that later)

One last look to make sure everything’s stowed…(yes that’s snow and single digit temps in the background).


A final smile and wave.


Makes this  mom smile.


Time for The New.


As he journeys south, back around  Mountain Shasta.

its a new road a new perspective
its a new road a new perspective a new adventure

With fresh Faith and renewed Obedience. You can check out the immediate next step below~

 Sermon of the Week | Bethel Church

and here~(wonder if he stowed his swim gear?)


Yes , he’s off. Many potentially nail-biting, details worked out this past week in what felt like “down to the wire”…a car in his price range (God). Finishing strong (God). Saving for rent. (God, who loves showing up in unexpected ways in unexpected times)

Many other details yet to be figured out. (God)  “But when Jesus says “Come” you best not stay in the boat.” (paraphrased from) Mark Batterson 

Until next time~

Enjoying the Journey with a Wide Open Heart.


2 Replies to “Moving Monday”

  1. Oh dear, where is he headed? May the lord be with you each day as both your lives take a new path. He does have a plan and it will be exciting and wonderful.


    1. Oh thank you friend, Kathy! He has moved himself to Redding, CA with Pastors Tim and April, formerly Youth Ministers of our very own @Westside Church. 🙂
      A house full of ministry students and their own family will keep life interesting for sure. 😉


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