Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

This weekend and the next few the World will be Blue. An opportunity to connect. To learn. To sing (not really). At least not in our group. Well…maybe.

Blue is a nine-week church wide initiative that involves reading together through the book of John and journaling in the  blue journal. Here’s a link  to answer your questions. But basically we’ll be looking at the Seven recorded Miracles of Christ. 

There’s just about every common interest Blue Group available…Young Adults, Old Adults, Children’s, Men’s Women’s, Couples, Moms of Infants and Toddlers and yes even “Brew and Blue” 🙂 . Here’s a photo to answer what our Blue Group is about:

Single Mom's Unite over common interests
Single Mom’s Unite over common interests

A truly talented, intelligent group of Ladies with children of various ages. Ladies in various stages. We all have one thing in common:

journal entry from 2008
journal entry:  Standing, Contending, Freedom, Spiritual Growth, Light for such a Time as This.

We’ve been gathering in the East end of the Atrium, after week 2  you can find us across from the Rock bookstore and the Coffee Shop. Close to coffee, shopping and dropping off the kiddos for classes. 🙂

Please feel free to join us. Ours is an Open Group drop in any time. (Sat. 6:30 pm)

See ya soon!

Remember to grab one of these lovely Blue books this weekend. They are five dollars for the adult versions. The kids versions will be handed out each week in class and they are free. The groups are open to view on the Westside website~

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