Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

She thought about the dreams. In the beginning.

As a child she had dreamed of what she supposed to be the usual lovely little girl things… ponies, puppies, the circus and home. In the beginning.


The first time she saw The Angel, he had been sitting at the foot of her little girl bed. Kind, compassionate, tall, erect, strong. She thought she should be frightened but he said he was here to protect. She rested in that knowledge.

The childhood dreams of chasing butterflies through lush fields of wildflowers with a huge oversize green mesh net eventually changed . Grasshoppers everywhere. Devouring everything in sight. No wildflowers, no butterflies remained.


Dreams of flying and falling but always catching ~or waking~just before she hit. Flying, up, up, then just at the point of feeling free , being overtaken by the dark shadow, forced back to ground. Flying, falling then ultimately crashing to earth amidst the jagged rocks . Long dark corridors of dark doorways with faces she recognized suddenly becoming sinister. Daring her, calling her, reaching for her.

The tall erect Angel there to protect , in her mind became a small distant dot of light at the foot of her bed. And for a season seemed to completely disappear. With him went her Hope. In the beginning.


The young Woman called out to JEHOVAH-SABAOTH. in prayers of desperation and Hope. A sudden boldness arose from deep within and she called forth The Angel. To her surprise, he appeared. As she prayed for protection she saw in her minds eye, a vine begin growing up the house over and over , covering the home with a protective camouflage of thick green vines laden with two edged thorns .

From the rooftop, on the perimeter, across the driveway around the yard Angels, lovely translucent Sentinels stood shoulder to shoulder facing outward, on guard. Each with a Sword or Spear.


She enters Sanctuary , the place of Peace where they are ever present. Passing the Giant Sentinel, the  Ministering Angels moving amidst the body. In the community touching the deepest parts of human brokenness. The Heralds and Messengers that were prepared to rescue our Savior, move among us. Yes, they do.

Ten-Thousand-Angels ,Olivyaz
Ten-Thousand-Angels ,Olivyaz

In the beginning. God created.  Heaven. Earth. He has a plan. A purpose. To turn your desperate heartache into Your Hope. Your nightmares into Dream Scapes.  Your darkness into Light. Ask. Him. It’s the beginning.

JEHOVAH-RAAH Our Shepherd Who tenderly leads us, loves us and will keep us safe.”

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