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Week 4 Wisdom :John 7-8
Westside Church launched an initiative earlier this month (January).  Blue. Simple. Brilliant. Book of John. 
blue journal
blue journal (not actual size 🙂 )

Week by week around our Church and our Community you can spot this little (in size) , B-I-G in Spirit journal (and groups). The blessing and pleasure are all mine to be able to attend Two Blues. One Thursday night and again  Saturday night.

Gathering Together is FunStudying Together is Wisdom
Gathering Together is Fun
Studying Together is Wisdom~ Sarah, Kim, Shandra, Lori, Kelly

During the week studying and journaling then Thursday night filling in many more pieces of Wisdom and Knowledge so that by the time Saturday rolls around I’m feeling pretty clever! (big fat N-O-T) 🙂

Saturday night , for the 9 week Study, spent with a lovely group of Ladies. We are all at various ages and stages in our Life journey and Spiritual Walk. The one thing that draws us together is what’s been done for us at The Cross…more Lord, more.

The DoveMatthew 3:17
The Dove
Matthew 3:17

Well, and chocolate.  (more Lord, more?)


And Laughter….

KC, Lori, Sheena
KC, Lori, Sheena

Our discussions are lively, interactive, serious, full of our own wonder at The Lord’s Goodness and often bring us to tears.

Sarah and Kim intent.
Sarah and Kim intent .

Week 4  Wisdom ~  John 7-8 hit home to each of us. Judging. Rigid Ceremony~Tradition “vs” God’s Grace. Forgiveness. Our own blind spots. Jesus as The Savior. Jesus as Personal Savior. 


This week we’ve watched as Jesus has become more and more public and more outspoken. We’ve watched as The Legalists become more and more outraged. The Pharisees and Scribes though , in all fairness are facing their entire way of Life and “peace” under Roman Occupation being called to task. A giant spotlight being shone directly on everything they had learned and taught (and added to) .

Jesus Christ with no fear of man and in all Righteousness continued to throw fuel on an increasingly smoldering fire. Rome was not a nice taskmaster.  He knew He was safe until “His time came”. But at no time did He interfere in the legal business His very presence simply brings sudden heart conviction to those around Him.

Ceremony of Water and Wine
Ceremony of Water and Wine; Streams of Living Water

With a growing “following” of the masses as He heals, models forgiveness, Feeds, convicts,  Loves, Teaches and begins to introduce the Holy Spirit.

The ruling extremist leaders (really Collaborators with Roman Rule) continue to plot and set up ways to catch Him. (John 8:1-11 early the next morning… imagine how they must have been so incensed from the earlier interactions they stayed up all night coming up with a plot …well, just read it. and then let us know what you think)

No matter what ,He was Obedient to The Father, declaring Himself I AM. (John 8:48-58). Hard to wrap your head around?! Jesus , a man, a Deity come to earth. Honoring God The Father. (John 8 :49)

The Jews pride themselves on being the direct lineage of Abraham. Every Jewish person knew the prophetic scriptures from  Torah. They knew Moses’ Law. Clearly this man is referring to the Prophet Isaiah’s words, claiming that He has come to fulfill prophesy. Can you imagine?

Judging rightly ~which we are all called to do~with Discernment. Judgement is The Lords.
Judging rightly ~which we are all called to do~with Discernment and Love. Judgement is The Lords.

It’s easy for me to judge (!) cozy in my warm home in convenient, peaceful times (at least not under martial law) with the Old Testament and The Red Letter New Testament before me , easy* to grasp Jesus is the Christ, The Messiah…

Did I say Easy*?!  What about you?  Jesus. A nice guy, Prophet, Martyr or Savior?


BLUES Learn to Believe

It’s never too late to join us! If our group is not a fit no worries! Just find one and jump in to Jesus through the eyes of John. You might be delighted when you leave . Until next time~Shandra

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  1. I read “The Storyteller” first, and was just blown away-blessed and refreshed–what a lovely spirit you have, and a lovely blog! It’s wonderful to meet you! Thank you so much for visiting “CV”–you’re welcome anytime, and I’ll be back here when I have more time to browse. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


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