Greetings  Friends!

Trusting your time this week has been lovely peace-filled and ALL you need. BUT…if it’s been anything like mine…

this–c-l-o-s-e– to– frazzled, up too early in the morning, up too late in the eve, feeling as if  meeting everyone else’s needs (but mine). So with this reminder…PAUSE , breathe , enjoy.
Though I listen daily to favorite radio message~sermons, pulled out a favorite gifted Joseph Prince  CD  set for the commute this week (and listen to YouVersion during my early morning coffee) there is nothing like fingers turning familiar pages.
Just this afternoon, a few moments ago, I finally found time to open up the Book Of John to see that Jesus was “again in trouble”. No matter what He did “they” were after Him. Once He goofed He forever had a target on His Back. Ever feel that way? At work? At the grocery store? (NO? Just get in the 12 or under line with 15 items in your cart~ my Tuesday gaff, by the way. 🙂 At home? At school?
I know you do. It’s on your face, in your voice.  Right there with you. Hold Tight.
JaneFarrCalligraphy ~Forgiveness
image by JaneFarrCalligraphy 
Forgiveness includes your relationship with Self~shandra


“Wherever Jesus is, somebody’s gonna get up, somebody’s gonna get out, somebody’s gonna get loose!” Bishop T.D. Jakes
How about you? Where you are, does somebody “get loosed”?
Breathe In His Peace, Declare His Glory, Live In His Goodness. The Miracle Maker, Our Lord and King. Jesus is Here.


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