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Room for Cream He’s Asking for You p2

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She fairly ran past her sister Martha, out the door willing herself to walk. She could feel the heads turn, the eyes following. Only when she was half way to Him did she realize she had forgotten to put up her hair or wash her tear-stained face. Pulling her dress closer, she tried to cover her self and her long dark hair as best she could.

As they walked quickly she wiped tear stains from her face. Why had He not come sooner? she silently wondered. They all considered Him family. Staying in the home of their brother~she choked back a sob at the thought of him~each time He traveled through.

Had He not cared? All the healings, the miracles He had done for others, (and total strangers, she thought) the sting of His disregard was almost unbearable.


People had tried to comfort them with reminders that they would continue to be well cared for, since their brother had been well thought of (and very wealthy). Inheritance? Yes. mixing their own assets with those of their brother’s would allow them to continue for years to come, yet the sisters had been shocked by the suggestion that materials and goods could ever make up for the loss to their hearts.


There He was. The Teacher waited at the edge of town. All she had wanted to say to Him, to ask Him melted away when she saw the look of shock on His face at seeing their grief. But that didn’t stop Martha.


Their grief overwhelmed them anew. In the presence of The One who could have healed their brother. Why had he to die?


It was only then. Standing still. She heard. She turned. Half the city had followed them. Gazing into their faces she saw their looks of concern, mixed with open curiosity.  Turning back to Him,  she realized how wrong she had been.

Jesus wept.




Rolling the stone away they looked skeptical. She was not sure what to do or say. Did He not know? His grief was great. Perhaps it caused Him confusion?

“Master? Lord? Our brother has been dead 4 days.” she whispered.


When the sisters heard Him pray aloud, for the benefit of the crowd, their hearts leapt. Now they understood. The great crowd of witnesses. He had waited to come until there could be no doubt their brother was dead and buried. Yet. There had never been anything like this done before.


How can this not be The Messiah? The Anointed One? How can they doubt? There was their beloved brother. Restored. No. Raised to New Life.

When Jesus called “Lazarus come forth” every breath was held.  Forever, time stood still. Then a sound from within the tomb. Many shrank back in uncertainty. Mary and Martha clung to each other, expectantly.

There he was. At the mouth. Of the grave.  Answering the Call of The Christ. Still, wrapped in linens, the smell of sweet perfumes filling the air. Mary turned to Jesus, then ran to their brother.


Their  Sorrow turned to Joy. Mourning  became Celebrating.




Jesus is asking for you.  Come from your dead life, step out of your burial linens and Live.

Isaiah 61

Trust me~ It’s possible. It’s True. You’re not asking for a new life?  He’s asking to give you one. Trust Him~ So full that you can barely imagine.

Until next time~leaving Room for Cream. Shandra

Room for Cream~

Leaving expectant space for that which delights the heart”   Holly McKim

2 Replies to “Room for Cream He’s Asking for You p2”

    1. Absolutely agree Dear Friend. While understanding those that believe He was just a man, just a martyr – once we cross that line of Faith, looking back to say ” wow! How did I ever doubt?”
      “Lord I believe, help my unbelief. ”

      Blessings, xox Shandra


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