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Wake Up Call

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Wake Up Call

How many times do we have to end up in a dark place from our own wrongdoing, our own sin, our own fear, before we can live a life free of darkness? Is there a number? Is there a point when we suddenly can live freely, when we can walk with confidence, knowing the Judge has let us off freely? Let us off with no warning, with no guilt trip, no ‘if and or but’, but slammed the gavel down with the unanimous ruling of ‘not guilty’? When do we get to walk in the promised freedom?
20 years ago, I was born. I was brought into life with no opinions of my own, no preconceived notions of the world around me. I was birthed into a world that would quickly tell me who I am, and more importantly, tell me who I was not. I would later on learn that dreams lead to disappointment, and that it’s better not to try, rather than trying and failing. That’s the world I found myself living in. Was it bad parenting? I don’t think so. Poor self image? Well, that was undoubtedly part of it, but, where did that come from? I mean, what caused me to naturally be hard on myself, naturally beat myself up over things that I could not ever control? I think this would be a good time to quote the best movie of all time: The Matrix.“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what’s happening here. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you’re missing out. Let me set the scene. Neo has been looking for this guy ‘Morpheus’ for some length of time by now. Long story short, they meet and Morpheus starts to explain the Matrix to Neo. That last line, “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”, just gets me every time. Neo is about to go on the ride of his life. He gets freed from the Matrix, and finds that the human race is enslaved to machines, but they don’t even have a clue, because this thing called ‘the matrix’ has been planted in their brains as real life.
Now, back to real life. How many of us have been ‘set free’ by the love of Christ, but aren’t actually walking in that freedom? Why do we still want to associate ourselves with the rest of the world, as though we are entitled to live a life of suffering and remorse? Now, I’m obviously not saying we should shun the world and refuse to interact with it. What I am saying, however, is that living a life of freedom is far more inviting and appealing to an unbeliever than a life that says something along the lines of “i’m so unworthy, I don’t deserve this grace, I don’t understand why I have the life that I do!”. Seriously, it’s time that we understand the freedom that we can step into on a daily basis. One of the most interesting quotes I’ve heard is this: “if we aren’t meant to walk in true freedom until we are in Heaven, then Jesus isn’t our savior, death is.” Back to the initial questions.If I had no preconceived notion of what to expect from this world, why did I naturally turn toward the negative side of life? Why was I living in darkness? Because the truth is, their is an enemy of our souls. An enemy that operates in a kingdom that has been pulled over our eyes, to blind us from the truth. Jesus referred to Satan as the ‘ruler of this world’ (John 14:30). As with any ruler, he has authority over his kingdom. Well, what happens when we leave his kingdom and enter into the Kingdom of God? Obviously, he no longer has authority! Why, then, do so many who enter the Kingdom of God still want to treat themselves like they belong in the dark? Like they don’t deserve the grace and blessings that Jesus died for? Looking back, the Israelites had the same issue. They had just crossed the Red Sea (miraculously, I might add), yet they start to complain and grumble soon after they become free, saying things like “why didn’t the Lord just kill us in Egypt, where we sat by the meat pots and ate bread till we were full, instead of bringing us out here to kill us with hunger?” (Exodus 16:3). They were completely free. Completely set apart from Egypt, which is referred to as ‘the place of slavery’ multiple times throughout the book of Exodus and the Old Testament. Yet for some reason they wanted to go back. The enemy had so convinced them that the life of a slave was better than the life of freedom, that they literally wanted to go back! You see, all through the process of Moses fighting for the freedom of God’s people, Pharaoh said things like, “Impose heavier work on the men. Then they will be occupied with it and not pay attention to deceptive words (Exodus 5:9).” These ‘deceptive words’ that Pharoah spoke of were the words of Moses, the one who God had appointed to set the people free. See, the people of Israel had been taught that they were slaves. They had a slave mentality. Even when they were miraculously delivered from the hand of the enemy, they still longed to be ‘home’, where they would be enslaved.Do you see the correlation? The enemy’s strategy has always been the same. “impose heavier work, heavier bondage, so the people won’t realize who they really are designed to be.” You see, the enemy knows the truth, just as Pharoah did.”Now, there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. And he said to his people, “Behold, the people of Israel are too many and too mighty for us. Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and, if war breaks out, they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land (Exodus 1:9).” 

The enemy knows your potential as a child of God. He also knows that there is a Savior, One who delivers us from the place of slavery. Therefore, his design is to give you a twisted outlook on life, a twisted perception of yourself, so that even when you leave his kingdom for the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of life, you will have an attitude like that of a slave. Living with moments of regret, moments when you question whether you’re making the right decisions, maybe even moments when you wish things were the way they used to be! If the Israelites truly understood, truly believed they were worth saving, would they ever have been caught grumbling or complaining? If they understood the heart the Father, understood the fact that they had been completely separated from Egypt, from the place of slavery, would they live with guilt, live with regret, even live with fear? The enemies design has always been to cripple us, to scar us in a way that later on prevents us from fighting against him.

Understand this, you have been miraculously delivered from the hand of the enemy. Plucked right out of the place of slavery, and brought into the light. Brought into the Kingdom of God, by the grace and love of Jesus. You’ve been taken from the place of fear and bondage and are on a journey to the land He has promised you. You no longer are under the scrutiny of the enemy and his kingdom. You are seated in heavenly places in Christ, so that he might show you the immeasurable riches of His grace!  Jesus died to save you, to bring you into His presence, to tear the veil between God and His people. His reward was having full access to you, to be able to have relationship with you. Furthermore, He died so you can have the blessings of the Father. He wants His full reward! He wants to bless your socks off, and replace that slave mentality with the mentality of a king and a priest!

What are you waiting for? Accept the fact that you are a child of God A child of the God who gives freely and abundantly. No more tiptoeing and hiding in the shadows! Only when we get a grip on this truth, when we understand that we are made free and alive in Him, will we be able to let that freedom overflow into the lives of others. Let it spark something in them, and awaken them to the truth.

Live freely. Live loudly. Be a part of a generation that is a wake up call!


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