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This could be sub titled “The Boot”. “Pain, Disappointment, Discouragement”.  “Disillusioned, Discounted, Down and Out” or “What did you do to make God so mad?”

orthopedic fracture Chic
orthopedic fracture Chic

But it’s not. And I’m not. And He’s Not.  

For years my ankles have handled the wear and tear of strenuous activity; from gymnastics, hurdles, track, running, motorcycles , Pointe, and a couple of times just falling down; many, many times with such severe sprains I’ve been incapacitated while healing. Over December and January minor rolling of the right ankle led to elevated , swollen ankle~ but no big.

So yesterday, when I tripped and fell the pain, while excruciating, was just one of those things. But wait, laying face down trying to will the pain away… Did I really hear a snap this time? No, not really, what you heard was two snaps. Ouch.

Now, listen friends. I’ve given birth a number of times,  all with labors/deliveries so quick there was no time for medication. None. YES~that’s called N-A-T-U-R-A-L childbirth. So when I say I’ve developed a high threshold for pain you can trust me on this when I say this ankle sprain HURT.

Not my xray :)
Not my xray 🙂

Tuesday afternoon and evening stretched into Wednesday with fever, bruising and pain so great I could hardly bear it. Finally, agreeing to go in for a checkup, kind friend Holly McKim agreed to spend some of her day off with~no makeup, no pain meds, refusing a wheel chair (so far), no crutches (yet), coughing and sneezing~me.

The good news is~ there’s no sign of pneumonia or bronchitis in this rattly painful cough (they checked) , I do have a Nasal septum deviation  (who knew?!) and 2 tiny fractured bones in the offending ankle.

Apparently, the ligaments stretched so f-a-r when I started to fall then righted then fell again that two tiny bones were pulled away, fracturing; one in the front, one in the back. Who knew such tiny things could cause such havoc, pain, misery and aggravation?

google image~ Not My Xray :)
google image

The sorrowful matter is still ahead. Surgery? or not?

Part 2 You’ll get used to it. Next.


Have boot, Will Smile...anyway.
Have boot, Will Smile…anyway.

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