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The Third Man, Another Opinion and Wrong Assumptions

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Many of you have formed opinions based on the two previous days’ posts (click here and here. Opinions about my health, my clumsiness 🙂 , my past, my future.  Just as you’ll make assumptions based on this story. 

More of you have formed opinions based on these posts, your experiences  (or lack of) with me and have decided this woman is ____. (fill in the blank.

Hopefully you said in this season “she’s learned valuable lessons “. You’re wrong in your assumptions of knowing to what I refer when I speak of The Calling on my Life. If you haven’t been told personally why would you  assume?



I’ve told you about the Doctors, surgeons etc. Each slender, athletic, kind, considerate, professional. One taking time to read the xray and look  into the eyes of a woman in obvious distress to explain what this injury could entail. The other taking time to explain the healing/rehab process (which will not include surgery). Both highly skilled, both behaving in ways expected. They full filled my expectations of their appearance and my experience.

There was one more Man I haven’t told you about.

After hobbling down to xrays (remember no wheelchair since our injury is still assumed to be a severe sprain by everyone, even the Doctors) with no makeup, 3 day hair, slept in sweats I was met by a nurse, when we were returning to the waiting room. Offering a wheelchair “no thank you” she said. Offering his arm “no thanks” she thought. He chatted away, walking very slowly with elbow out just in case I changed my mind,  about his time in the military. A big burly guy I could see him as a medic. Efficient, duty oriented, likely barking orders, used to being in charge.


Third Man 7

(ouch. was this hall this long the first time?)


When finally we made it down that long hall, returning to the exam room his presence took up quite a bit of room. No. Not out of shape, just a big man. The fit trim athletic doctor (who didn’t take up much of the space) reentered and much to his surprise but not really mine, discussed the two tiny fractures found in the xrays.  (remember I’ve sprained before and there was something different about this time) . Very solicitous, very sorry, “He’ll get you what you need”.

O great I thought. This rough and tumble Service Medic is going to manipulate my deeply painful black/blue, swollen ankle. Bracing myself for his return. Breathe.


The big, burly ____ (fill in the blank), Third Man entered with crutches and an orthopedic boot, proceeding to explain patiently as he unwrapped and put these things together. Pausing to assess his patient’s understanding in the midst of late -in- the- day-going on 24 hour-level 8 pain. Then, beyond any expectations he got down on his hands and knees, gently lifting his patient’s leg tenderly placing and positioning damaged , wounded limb.  How could this tender, patient bedside manner come from this big  Grizzly Adams Army Medic? Down on his knees tending at my feet? A presence.

Blushing now. Asking him about what brought him here, his time in the army, his travels. His Dreams. How wrong had been my assumptions. A lamb within the Lion (fill in the blank).  Gently he laced and explained. Offering his arm once again but chuckling at my clumsiness with the boot and crutches, trying to take his elbow. The hall didn’t look quite so long or recovery quite so daunting.

Tender Care
Tender Care

In this season a few of you know The Lord had invited me to travel and minister February 2013 in New Orleans and March 2013 in Mexico. Since neither came to fruition,  He has changed the plan for HIS purpose and Glory and my benefit. And like The Third Man, *never give up those dreams even when they don’t appear as  assumed. *Never listen to those who (out of their own fear, uncertainty or insecurity) tell you you’ve misheard God. *And for free from me~always, always look into the eyes of those who tenderly Serve.  They might just have something to say. And their opinion just might be Right.


Thanks for stopping by~ Shandra~and until next time~ Believe In Your Dreams even when no one else does.


What are your dreams, Friends? If they are on hold,  how do you know to keep on with them and to NOT let it go? Or how do you know when to let go? We’d love to hear.

6 Replies to “The Third Man, Another Opinion and Wrong Assumptions”

  1. Some where over the rainbow, your dreams will come true. When called by God, you can believe he will finish what he has started. God bless Shandra.


  2. Awesome post- and really impressive to be able to think of the lessons learned that soon after pain. And you’re right, most of my dreams seam to be waiting– On my best days, I realize that Heaven’s plans are better; on my tired days, I’m resigned to be content to know that He is moving me thru a personal improvement project of some grand design. In either case, I wouldn’t trade my family for anything, so all’s well, right?


  3. Indeed, My Friend. All’s Well, anyway. Especially when we can take the occasional Sick Day 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your so insightful ponderings. Hold those Dreams!


  4. We just trust in Him! He will work out everything for our good. In the mean time we just flow with Him, wherever we go, we are Christ to whomever we come into contact with.


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