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One Woman’s Opinion~Just Exactly When Do Girls Become Trash? Words of An 8 Year Old Champion

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Its Spring Break 2013, here in this small town. I know several families very happy it is. No, not because there’s any sign of Spring mixed into the clouds and snow. Because its a break from school.

The one place we’ve always thought as parents and General Public our children were safe.  Think again.

When and how exactly does a grown man decide that little girls are trash?

When and how does an entire education system, administration, peer network and city turn a blind eye?

Would it surprise you to know that in a lovely little school on a lovely little street in this lovely town a teacher has targeted one lovely little girl from each of his PE classes of which to make an example? This is now public knowledge. New to me and you. This and much more, admitted by said teacher.

Now the parents know, the children have always known and his peers and administration have known for how long?

One charming blonde child (did I mention it’s always a girl?) was picked up and dropped into the garbage can. Eight. 8 years old. Trash.


Did you hear that? A 40 something year old  elementary  teacher paid and commissioned to teach, protect , steward and honor your children sends the message to his charges “she is garbage” . Other actions include taking another girl’s  shoes and throwing them across the gym (because she wasn’t wearing the correct pair). Now lets take this and multiply it times the ten classes he teaches at this school alone, always quiet little girls who are humiliated and bullied into further submission as “examples” to their peers.

Yes.  Does anyone else find this interesting? Appalling?

Thinking, further how long has this been going on? Could this be the reason your daughter has trouble feeling safe now that she’s in middle school?  Could this “lovely” example from this male role model, be why so many of the boys feel comfortable crossing others’ boundaries and bullying?

Research shows . Well Look it up. You can look around our own districts right here  to see the statistics of turning a blind eye . Across the nation.

How many times have I seen this? You? Teachers , men and women, who don’t like children or blame their students for the fact that they themselves can’t teach, manage or didn’t make it to the big leagues.

Why was it that “public” discipline of this teacher has included only one day of suspension and he was back teaching PE  and coaching in the same schools with the same students the very next day? Really?

Why is it when dozens of parents have questioned the safety from retaliation and further harassment of their children they were told they could be the classroom monitors. The parents? Monitoring a TSPC licensed Teacher? Really? This is not a monitoring problem folks. Even if you’d like to label it with the white wash of simply a “management style issue” he has clearly crossed every boundary of intimidation and fear.  This is not going away.

The questions are endless . The repercussions to these families, several whom have rightly sought therapists for the trauma their children have undergone this school year. Several are considering home school (which I love by the way) The looks in the eyes of the parents who thought their children were safe in the school of their choice at the hands of the teacher hired to teach healthy, appropriate fun and games.

In the truer than true words of an insightful group of 8 year old Champions~

Mr., You should be fired.

Just one Woman’s opinion.

As a parent, friend, Female and Teacher, Shandra, March, 2013


Now in 2015 with a new Voice, often linking here  :  The Social Scene

2015 Follow up: this is s true story. As a new school year begins I’m dusting this off. As a future Administrator (candidate), current Teacher, empty nest Single- Mom please hear me: pay attention to your child. Be involved with your schools.  If there are changes in your sweet little angel investigate. Do NOT let the school system staff tell you you’re over reacting (unless you really are) if you’re child or others are in danger youe ARENOT overreacting or overprotective. Do NOT let ‘the school system’ (secular or faith-based: model, magnet or private) raise your children. Do you understand?

Pay attention. Raise Holy Heck til someone listens and ACTS> You’ll be glad you did. & so will they.

12 Replies to “One Woman’s Opinion~Just Exactly When Do Girls Become Trash? Words of An 8 Year Old Champion”

  1. You have raised an important and serious issue. Sometimes I am dismayed by the behavior of adults who seem to be cowards and always look for easy way out. Our children are precious and need to be cared for!


  2. Adults are to protect and watch over children but nothing surprises me any more it’s as if people not all but a few don’t have no respect for life..and when a person doesn’t respect life or themselves they treat others very badly. I can see why some parents home school, but to the ones who don’t home school children need to be protected at all cost.


  3. This is unfathomable that a teacher that is being allowed to humiliate young kids in this way was only reprimanded for 1 day, these kids will be scarred for life!! They will never forget how they were treated and living in a small town makes it even worse. These are the kinds of circumstances that can cause kids to commit suicide!

    Thanks for sharing this story to open the eyes of parents to watch out for their kids.

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  4. Thanks for linking this at Counting My Blessings. I had a PE teacher publicly humiliate me years ago. I feigned illness every PE class day until my mom finally figured it out. I was a first grader and spent the rest of my life believing I was nonathletic and uncoordinated. Thanks for reminding us to pay attention and for teachers to watch their words and actions. This guy definitely was an inappropriate extreme.

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    1. Dear Blessings-Deb, I can also rename so many similar young incidents. In high school we had a sub PE teacher (one of those w/little man syndrome, ya know?) We all ran to the baseball diamond to our positions. I at first base. Before our first plays he ‘reconfigured’ our positions to change it up…we had all kinds of names and derogatory- toward females- adjectives thrown our way when we protested. It was just another incident added to years of similar others which took a great toll on us all. from which many never fully recovered confidently. Thank so much for commenting and supporting here today. So thankful for parents (like yours) who watch and act on the Little Ones behalfs.


  5. His teachers license should be taken away, because he should not be around children at all. Thanks for the reminder to watch over our children and to be involved in what goes on at their school. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    1. “The schools don’t teach and our children don’t learn. Too many public schools are controlled by teachers unions focused more on the convenience and compensation of adults rather than the education of children… Their failures don’t kill as quickly, but they do kill as surely as a bullet… ” quoting Dr Ben Carson.


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