Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.
Those reminders of happy events, triggers of trauma. It’s Only a…

roosterThe sound outside his cell window made him cringe.

“It’s only a rooster” . The soldier stopped as a tear ran from the old man’s eyes, down his cheek.

“I denied Him three times. The sound… It reminds me I denied my friend, my Savior.” said Simon Peter

“You sinned against your Savior? Yet you were not cast out?”

“Jesus knew. He knew my weakness” Yet , He says “I will neither leave nor forsake you.”


This is part of a conversation between Simon Peter , The Rock, now an old man and his young Roman jailer, Martinian . A look back on the fear, self doubt, pride, playfulness, joy, weakness and sorrow of the final few hours of Christ as seen through the eyes and Hearts of the misfit men who loved Him…and whom he loved…and forgave.

Misfits who changed the World.


Where do you find the strength to be The Person God has called you to be?


What do you Believe?


Where do you stand.


Whatever your views, level of doubt (or Faith) watch this family friendly movie, it’s worth it.

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012) – IMDb

Apostle Peter and The Last Supper
Apostle Peter and The Last Supper

another family friendly one worth the watch. A Roman Soldier sent incognito to investigate the claims of Resurrections of this man Jesus by His followers.

The Final Inquiry (2006)


Do you struggle with labels? Do you struggle with Faith? With The Law? With Grace?

Check back Wednesday for 2 guest posts about this very issue by Two lovely World Changers.

Until next time ~Shandra, just another misfit Called to change the world.

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