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Two for One!~Were You Stamped? by Rivera and Jesus Holds The Sharpee Marker by Andrea

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Hi Friends, so much talent with similar hearts and passion in this world. Hoping you’ve enjoyed some of the posts from others? Stop by Saturday for an uplifting  poem by another Lovely Friend.

Too many of us have allowed negatives to be spoken over our lives.  To cap our Calling. Anyone?

On the other hand, having  equally discounted  God’s Words of power, peace, future, Calling. Anyone?

In this new Season I’m stepping further into those Words of Future.  You can , too. Perhaps it’s your season to change out those labels.

Sharing two at a time today about labels, mislabels, healing and, of course, Jesus. 🙂

Room for Cream~ leaving space for that which delights your Heart.~Holly McKim

Another lovely view of labels and Freedom by Rivera Douthit: Take a moment to read both these today, you’ll be glad you did. Were You Stamped?

and from Andrea March 29, 2013.

Jesus Holds The Sharpee Marker

I stood on totes to look through boxes in the dark garage, peeking in lids, no.



Once the children were at school and preschool, I stood in the 10 x 10 gated storage unit, pulling antiques and boxes out to climb a little higher as the rain sprinkled down on the pavement around me.



Oh maybe this one?


And then, in our last move, seven years later, the childrens’ rustic Easter baskets that were toted in pre-school hands, photographed in time, lugged by those sweet fingers with deep dimples, alas were found in a mislabeled box.


Thank you, Father.



My heart knows just what to do with all of these extra baskets. The make-shifts that are now on our mantel.

Give them to the mislabeled.

My homeless, all dingy and covered in dirt, give them my best pastel colors, sitting right there in ridiculous Easter grass, give them My Son.

So, I have not much time to write, for it is written, and it is happening hard and fast around us; there are some mislabeled that need to see Easter.



Child of God, is there any chance that you too are wandering around mislabeled?

That somehow this world stuck a label on you that is either all wrong, just not true, or no longer represents you accurately or well?

How long ago was it stuck or written there?

How many years have you been all mislabeled, hidden there in the darkness?

Well, BELOVED, remember who is carrying the Sharpee Marker of all sharpee markers.

Because, Your Jesus paid a very high price to mark you right well on all five sides so that everyone can see clearly and easily from every direction:






All five sides.

THANK Him. Recognize Him. Remember Him well by serving Him.

I love you!!


Scoot on over to sevensevenatseven to check out Ms Andrea Noelle.

Until next time, Shandra,  Reformed Rule~Follower,  Redeemed Prodigal, Former Misfit’~Called to change out those Labels… and the World. How ’bout you?

3 Replies to “Two for One!~Were You Stamped? by Rivera and Jesus Holds The Sharpee Marker by Andrea”

  1. Shandra ~ I am honored and humbled to my toes to be your guest! EVEN more thrilled to have you right close to personally hug when I see you next, friend… SOON! Please explain “community” to this blogger-newbie? There must be more to this site than just boo-hooing over a laptop and pressing ‘publish’, amen!? LOOKS like FUN! ~ xo ~ I love you!


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