Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

My son had a dream the other night. We’ve always had lots of them, but this is one of his we feel led to share. In a few weeks several of my own.

Recording this weeks ago The Lord spoke.  He said “not so much detail, Let them apply it to their situation.”

That’s how much, Dear Ones, He loves you. Take this, run with it to  the Throne Room of God  (or don’t, as you wish).

Little did we know that each of us had slept almost none at all and when we did, it was fitfully. For me the occasional voice tried three times, the “it’s never going to change”, “why bother?”, “just give it up” . Each time of course the Name of Jesus sent it running. Needless to say I awoke a bit snarky. The house was so cold the outdoors even colder.

What’s going on why do I feel like this? Oh, right on the heels of stepping out into another measure of obedience. a big fat “yes”….comes a big fat downer!

Noticing that even Andrew was a bit down, when I asked, he shared. He’d had some recent conversations that had pressed him down, this of course, right on the heels of God’s Promise of buoyancy and prosperity.

God is Amazing. In the midst of our sleep, when we were seemingly “unprotected” each separately being assailed by negative old thoughts, faces /voices of old “friends” trying to drag us back, God sent them packing.

From the attic over our bedrooms, right down the middle of the hall, past our doors came an old decrepit one eyed dog. Tail tucked, head down (“a has been” had been living over our heads) it walked to the front door where it sat waiting . Suddenly, a young~young internationally known man appeared in our foyer, and opened the front door. Out went the dog to it’s eternal resting place. The young man closed the door.

Just like that.

Friends, if you could just grasp the glorious measure of God’s Grace.

The implications are …well…amazing. With it The Lord sent packing “poverty”, “status quo”, “shame”, “intimidation” “disgrace”, “skeletons”, “settle for less”, “make do” … Exchange all those for…well you get the idea. How is The Lord speaking to you?

Of what do you need to let go? Regret? Shame? The Garment of Exhaustion?

During this time of recovery I’ve had lots of “down” time to read, write, journal, think forward. The enemy of your soul will stop at nothing to halt your progress. Just remember like the old decrepit thing satan is, he’s on his way out.

Don’t stop Dear Ones.

When New Ushers Out  Old.


Until next time, moving on,  Shandra

March, 2013

(And if you have more/another interpretation would LOVE to hear it!)

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2 Corinthians 3:18 And we all, who with unveiled faces .

Our access to God, Enter the Throne Room

– The Throne Room of Heaven Revelation 4- 

10 Replies to “When New Ushers Out Old”

  1. I like your interpretation. Here is my take: The old decrepit dog is our past with its hurts, pains, sorrows, that has dogged us for many years. All this time, if we only knew we could call the name of the international man (Jesus) and he would in a flash open the door for our past to flee and be gone. I am so happy you joined us this week at Tell me a Story. Please come back again soon, perhaps with another dream.

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    1. Thank you Hazel for adding to this. I totally agree !!! Shortly after that dream I sold that home in which we’d been for about 12 years and finally was free to move, in obedience to God’s timing. Two years later, after much prayerful consideration as to where to relocate, four months ago I bought my first brand new home about 20 miles north. New spaces, new faces, New Life. Starting over.

      “Funny’ thing- this very morning after a long walk about with God , I left my front door open, about an hour ago, to cool this new house down. Picking up the phone to make a call, I turned around and there was a middle aged (silvering muzzle) yellow Lab standing in my living room. She snuffled around a bit, wagged her tail , lowered her head then trotted out the front door.
      Coincidence? Me thinks not. Go God, thank you Jesus. Shandra


  2. Hi, Shandra:
    This is a confirmation of a word I got this morning! I also like Hazel’s take and receive it for myself.

    Thank you for your loving comment on my blog and the follow. Most importantly, thank you for praying for our Angie. She’s in pain and scared. But she says she can FEEL the prayers!!!

    Bless you,

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  3. So yesterday, after a heavy sleep, the dream was of the old decrepit lying by the side of the road….dead. Lord, what does this mean? you know many people are going to be thinking this continual dog image is of “witchcraft or possession” or some such nonsense. His simple reply : “The old is dead.” Amen.


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