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When It Looks as Expected, But Not As Hoped For

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SO Friends, the rest of the story… to yesterday’s


Beth Moore was coming to a town very near one of her biggest admirers . Go or No?

The Promise  made. No disappointment.

(read more here )

Hmmm. God’s idea of disappointment and mine still are not totally in tune. But He’s coming around. 😉 Late February, early March, wristband in hand ~no peace about where to stay. At each inquiry… “No”. said IAM.

Ready. Set. Go?
Ready. Set. Go?

Then, March 12. These little beauties became my constant companion.



orthopedic fracture Chic
orthopedic fracture Chic

Change plans? Cancel? Give away my ticket?


Returning to work with limitations.  Slowly, driving came back. Little by little. Walking came slowly. Little by little.  Limited mobility, loss of strength, loss of stamina. Finally , released to begin Physical Therapy. First appointment, Friday, April 26. Hoping the PT would miraculously say “You’re good to go” . Expecting, not. The damage extensive but treatable. Twelve weeks. “If you’d brought yourself in here 6 months ago it wouldn’t have been too soon. The fracture was just the last straw”

Kindly she said “Let’s be realistic. You’ve been  immobile for weeks, then in a boot for weeks, with limited exertion. You can barely make 15 minutes mobility . A weekend moving around on your own, is mighty hopeful.” (and how right she was 😦

“Go”. said IAM. So I did, knowing God’s plan was bigger than whether I made it to the arena.


This road trip just down the hill, to Eugene , with such high hopes. Pollyanna till the end.

Checking into the motel.

maybe not quite this bad. but still a onestar.
maybe not quite this bad. but still a onestar.

Driving expectantly looking for the closest lot to park near the Arena. Lessen the walk. Rest up for a bit, ice and elevate and you’ll be good to go.  All the while feeling the foot swelling as always as the day wears on. Women everywhere. Smiling, laughing, joking. 12,000 strong.

*Hoping to walk the distance. *Hoping to hear this amazing event. *Hoping to hear The Message^^.


*Accepting the jostling, climbing, movement, stress and tension just to reach and join in the conference was not appropriate. *Not happening, Girlfriend. *Reality.

“But do you sense the change?” whispered IAM.

Settling into the less than 2 star motel (read about it here Who’s Your Neighbor?). Icing the swollen, throbbing ankle, knee, hip. Blocking the door with the apartment size fridge. Thinking of the bars on the Office windows. The buzzer to let any arrivals (probably few and far between) check in. An opportunity for  watching the peeling paint along with every cable channel on the planet.  Listening to the sirens, the voices outdoors and The Voice.

“Had you chosen the usual accommodations would you have come face to face with her”?

Why did this surprise me so?

“Do you think she would care if the place smelled musty? What do you think she would give to have a place with a locking door?  Running water? A bed? An ice pack?”

“If you’d chosen your usual accommodations would you have even been aware of the Shift?” Twas true. A city can not have so many praying people for so long without a spiritual change in the atmosphere. There  was a brightening. A lightening. A major lifting. Coming down the hill  it had been obvious.

Looking over the event schedule . I’ll catch the shuttle  for the morning session. Expectantly. But not to be.

Simply, hoping for one outcome. But expecting another.  Just Life.

Awakening with lovely sunshine streaming in the now open door. The parking lot now full. I, Smiling. “Sense the Change, Daughter? ”

The spring in the step of the Landlord and his wife (not there yesterday). The hesitant smile from her (not there yesterday). All these people in their establishment bringing income and Hope.

Is there more? Oh yes. Much. But that you should know, is another story. And this woman’s hoped for weekend Message^^.

Until next time~Shandra

How about you? Any moments at the intersection of realistic expectation and hope you’d like to share?

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