Copycats, Radicals, Idiots and Wannabes

Pulling  down the hill to the State Park she spotted the red minivan backing out.

A warm sunny Saturday afternoon. Only the two vans and an empty blue car near the host site.

“Perfect” she thought, as the van vacated the perfect spot now awaiting her.

Down came the window as the red driver waved her to stop.  A clean cut , trim 30 something Woman with an equally cute Tweener daughter, both pairs of eyes wide as head lights. Stopping her red minivan, the mom , breathing heavily with flushed cheeks and adrenaline laced force, strongly suggested not stopping.

Quickly the words tumbled out. They had run the rest of the path back from the river trail, hiding behind trees as bullets whizzed past. The silent, wide-eyed Tweener in front simply looked shocked as she nodded.

Someone had taken these two for targets.


Driving quickly up the short hill, out of the park to reach ‘safety’ and cell phone reception on the main highway I called 911 as the red transport turned the other way. Minutes later, explaining to the State Officer investigating, I replayed events.


Hanging up.  Hands tingling with Holy Spirit revelation. With enlightenment, realizing how close it had been for all of us. I would have pulled into the exact spot. Hobbling with crutches and two swollen, sprained ankles across the open rest area.

Gods perfect timing.

The reality is that no where are we immune. Copycats, Radicals, idiots and Wannabes are everywhere. That has always been the  unfortunate reality of our fallen World.

As a Follower of Christ I appreciate the protection , mercy, Grace and Wisdom of God’s plan.  I fully trust The Lord with that detail, too. As a Believer in Christ I know that when its time, it’s time. There’s great Peace in knowing Heaven is my Home.
I’m ready. Are you?

Until next time, with the Peace that passes all understanding,  (this is indeed a true story, occurring and written one week ago today.) Shandra


And by the way, appreciate a First Responder this week, will ya? And watch this video. You’ll be glad you did both.

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  1. That’s an amazing testimony, thank you for sharing. When given the opportunity you should take a stroll through my blog and give me some feed back, it would be truly appreciated.

    God bless you and keep up the God work.


  2. Thanks so much. I enjoyed a few of your posts. Love your stories, Testimonies and style. Thanks so much for stopping by and the follow. 🙂 Shandra


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