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The Sunshine Project: Bringing light into delivery rooms (in honor of Mothers Day) by Adriel Booker

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Hi there Lovely Friends, I came across this on Face Book the other day, posted by the lovely,  Gwen McIntosh , Mum 🙂 of the author.  Adriel and her husband work with YWAM Medical Ships  in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province and are doing amazing things for The Kingdom. I have the pleasure of attending Westside Church  with Gwen and her husband Scott (who is visiting Down Under right about now) and have heard The Bookers speak with passion for Jesus, The Kingdom and issues of Justice. The McIntoshs’ have raised amazing adults and are an encouragement to the rest of us. Well done!

Mother’s Day one week from today. Give a life giving contribution. What an amazing way to Honor the Women in your life! Adriel has provided links at her site in her blog below, which are linked here as well. PLEASE NOTE: for your donation to  receive “credit” on behalf of the Women in your Life you MUST include information as suggested below*** (shandra) and received by May 8 for a Mother’s Day donation recognition document.

An excerpt from her blog is below. Please go over to The Sunshine Project: Bringing light into delivery rooms (in honor of Mothers Day) for additional photos and more of the story. You’ll be happy you did. Take a moment to offer the Hope of maternal health to a Woman and her child.

May God Richly Bless you and yours,



The Sunshine Project: Bringing light into the delivery room. Help a mama in Papua New Guinea this Mothers Day by giving a gift to your own mom.

A Mothers Day gift that keeps giving:

This Mothers Day why don’t you consider giving a gift that will far outlast flowers and chocolates?

Make a $10 donation (or more) on behalf of your mom (grandma/daughter/friend/etc.) and we will send you a personalized PDF for you to forward to her (or fold into a card) for Mothers Day. The letter will describe the donation you made in her name, what it’s for, and the lives that will be impacted through it.

How to donate:

Donate online at YWAM Medical Ships.

In the “additional comments” box include the following information:***

For: The Sunshine Project
To: Your mom’s name
From: Your name

Donations will be accepted indefinitely, but to receive a personalized Mothers Day letter, I need to receive your donation by May 8, 2013.

Delivering the Solar Suitcase to PNG

My family and I will be headed to PNG to join the YWAM Medical Ship this July and we sure hope that we’ll have a very special piece of extra luggage to pack along with us. We’re going to bring light on your behalf!

Adriel Booker Love A Mama Community PNG maternal health-270

Dear friends, I know that so many of you have captured a heart for maternal health in the developing world by getting involved with Bloggers for Birth Kits (clean birth kits) and Project Baby Bilum (providing ring slings to women in need). I hope you’ll now see the need and opportunity and get behind the Sunshine Project too. The needs of women and children are critical and this is one small way that we can make a big impact for real women and real babies. Let’s spend this Mothers Day not just being consumed with our own entitlements, but by remembering the blessings that we have and remembering those who go without.

Adriel ( Booker)


Until next time~Shandra

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