Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

So glad you came across this little blog. Welcome. Hope you’ll come back by again.

As a recovering ‘Behind The Scenes’ gal I’ve been stretched numerous times, numerous directions, numerous seasons. Never to return to the former self or yesterday ways.

One area of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g is in writing. It’s very fitting that in a week or so  I’ll be headed down The Hill once again, this time for a Writer’s Workshop. With many more adventures planned for 2013.

This is a thanks to 2 Groups of Online Writer’s who took the time to peruse this blog. Truly appreciate being listed with some really outstanding Christian Blogs.

focb award2


Out in Front, again. Now what?

You may have noticed small changes to the content of this blog, the presentation and refining the Purpose (and a few award nominations) . If not, no worries. Subtlety is my usual norm.

Stop back by for the continuing unfolding of His Plan, to His Glory in this Life. You can bet it will include some story telling , risk taking and continues to include this philosophy summed up so well from The Dream Center, LA;

“Dream bigger than your regrets. If you’ve been discouraged & laid down your dream, pick it up again! Don’t let your dream die. Stay strong!”

Until then Enjoy Life, Sing Praise, be Joyful, Honor your Mom. What better way than to make a Life changing donation. to the charity of your choice. Do you have a favorite to suggest?

and tell me, What’s YOUR favorite blog and why? Would love to hear. Add the link in the ‘Comments’ so we can have a look see.

If you have time, please take a few moments to read some of these blogs (links above and ‘likes’ below) of world changers (and perhaps even ‘follow’ a few?). You’ll be happy you did.


“Your worst day with Jesus will still be better than your best day was without Him.” quote also from The Dream Center

5 Replies to “Follow Friday Blogs Galore!”

    1. Thanks so much, RJ ! And Happy Second Anniversary to You! 🙂

      Lisa appreciate your encouragement! I have read Ann’s as well. So agree. Thanks for your own faithful writing and teachings! Shandra 🙂



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