When Pain Becomes The Core-Transparent Tuesday

“You’ve been in pain a long time”.

The other woman bit her lip, blushing slightly, as we continued walking. The crutches were a little obvious but I knew exactly what was meant . I smiled , slightly. Tilted my head, hoping to show I understood …and accepted….the implication.

It was true. After this recent injury and illnesses. Immobilized for weeks. During  subsequent interviews of two personal trainers,  both had said for a long time runner I had surprisingly little strength and no Core.

The sports physician and surgeon, had said the same.

Weeks later, Holy Spirit had come in a moment . In the warmth of the mid morning early spring sun, they sat at a small bistro table. The two women laughing and weeping . One Hunched over. Shallow breathing.

Why do you hold yourself that way?He whispered.

Sitting up tall seemed an effort. Her petite blonde friend sat erect, softly but with fresh Authority.

“I have no core” . Oh No! He’d said.  We do beg to differ. We’ve known you a very long time. you have a very strong Core. You’re dependable, thorough , honorable, fiercely loyal, confident and Courageous with a few other nice Truth-filled Traits. He smiled. That’s your Core, Daughter.”


You, my dear, are used to kindly yet firmly “calling the shots”. Why aren’t you now ? Nothing has disqualified you from My Calling. Step up. Step In .Step into your Calling. Now. You are a Woman of Integrity and Purpose.”

Across my mind played a scene from 3 years ago (2010). A woman who had skirted me the entire long ago weekend; I, simply deciding she was living by the ‘if you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing at all’ rule. Always knowing, always watching, always smiling then at the end of the Conference she had approached.

You have a greater Authority that you do not yet fully grasp or comprehend. A Calling. The Mantle has been placed upon your shoulders. The weight you feel is simply the sense of duty and responsibility with which you have accepted it.”

Today. Walking shoulder to shoulder, the other woman had nailed it. Pain has become your core.

As He, The Great IAM, whispered Your Core has become your pain”.

To be continued…Shandra

what does this story  have to do with our ” Leadership” theme You ask? Come back and see.

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back you come

again & again

washing into my world

bathing me in the bitter foam

of an inconstant tide

cold salt in the wound

you dealt me



  1. Thank you Friends for your comments here, text messages, phone calls and emails the past 24 hours. To know that so many of you are in a similar season~crossroad and that this little work of Transparency has touched so many of you is truly lovely.

    Tweet to: @shandra_lee #WithHeartWideOpen


    • Thank you Desiray! So appreciate the time you took to stop by to let me know some transparency encouraged another. Bless you, Shandra
      Tweet to: @shandra_lee #WithHeartWideOpen


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