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30 Monday Motivations On Being A Leader

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Happiest of Mondays! (Hoping you had as wonderful a weekend as my Family, friends and I did. )

First  The 7 Cs  of Leadership and now 30 Characteristics of Quality Leaders. Where do you fall? How many can you confidently say are at your Core?

30traitsphotoThat’s all for today!

A lovely post coming this Wednesday about sadness and the Road to Recovery. Friday an elder’s  Glimpse at Gloria. This coming weekend? Paying one’s dues on the Road to Big Dreams.  Hope to see you back here later this week

Until then,


3 Replies to “30 Monday Motivations On Being A Leader”

    1. Oh thank you Debb! I enjoy your blog and just came across your Father in Law’s blog, too. Lots of Wisdom and Experience there! Love your designs. A talented family for sure! xox Shandra 🙂


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