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About the time this posts we should be home from the next steps into New. (Unless we decide to extend our weekend adventure or begin a Fresh One, which is a huge possibility, ’cause that’s just how we roll around here. )

But truly, this season is one that could be forgotten. You name it, it came calling. Here’s just a few~pink eye (twice), “food poisoning, true flu with 104-106 temp, sinusitis, bronchitis ‘this close’ to pneumonia and then the fall~fracturing my right ankle. (Everything but h-e-a-d l-i-c-e; if you’re a parent or school educator, or school nurse you know what I’m saying here. 🙂 ) Stopped in my tracks, literally. No driving, no travel, no working, no running, no working out, no Bible Study, no small group. No. No. No. It was simply one thing after another for a very long time with our entire Team.

During this ‘down’ time The Lord ramped up (Waiting for “SomeOne” ?our conversation about defining /redefining myself. The patterns and habits of  “same old-same old” routine  broken. Anyone?

Priscilla Shirer  has a saying about the beauty which can occur when we allow God to change the platform of our brokenness to His pulpit.

By His Grace.

 Doug Addison says “God has no limits yet we often limit Him with our own beliefs of what is possible.”

The Lord says “My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts.”

Watching the first quarter of 2013 comes to a close as does this school year,  means time to review personal and professional goals for this calendar year. Surprisingly there were several to be checked off! Who knew! Several more redefined. Several more in process. Looking around at the events and ministries so many of my friends and acquaintances are involved with, God surely is on the Move.

Coming across this very post drafted months ago and the Elijah List article which inspired it. Some tweaking to bring it to The Now.

Two weeks ago found me again in Eugene, Oregon. Unlike the previous month’s visit When It Looks as Expected, But Not As Hoped For, this one came to fruition the way I had envisioned. Crutches, braces, bandages, ice pack, Aleve and Ibuprofen in tow I found my way around a lovely little campus Northwest Christian University.

Nestled in the middle of The City of Eugene where just the previous month I’d driven right by these unnoticed little buildings surrounded and overshadowed, by another.

The event was the Spring One Day Workshop of Oregon Christian Writers. Something I’d attempted to attend twice before. Finally!

photo by OCW
photo Header by OCW

Lots of fun. Lots of great food. Lots of great people. And it ‘just happens’ to be their 50th Anniversary  or Jubilee  year. Celebrating? Yes!

50 Years of Christian Writers in Oregon
50 Years of Christian Writers in Oregon

OCW is on FaceBook

One of many  talented authors/speakers~
One of many talented authors/speakers~Melody Carlson

 Melody Carlson.

Books by OCW and Eugene  Harvest House Publishers
Books by OCW and Eugene Harvest House Publishers

Harvest House Publishers

With so many people to meet, greet and network with, surely this was my element. Yes! Lesson learned? *Always carry your business card. (Note to self; get some business cards) *Always know God has a new horizon, a new take on your ‘old’ routine. Is there more? Yes!…

But that’s next weekend’s story.


Feeling as if you’ve ‘lost’ your assignment? Looking for a bump up? Looking for a Word in Season? Try this on~ From a November 10, 2012 Word by Doug Addison saved for such a time as this:

Five Ways to Realign

• Realign our beliefs with God’s unlimited Kingdom. No limits!

• Realign our relationships and associations if necessary to get into a positive creative environment.

• Realign our location of where we live or work. There will be a large number of  geographical relocations. This is not for everyone but only those to whom God is speaking specifically.

• Realign with mentors and leaders that will pull you up to the next level.

• Realign your time. Some people are spending too much time just praying and need to take active steps forward. Others are not praying enough and need to find specific time to pray.


Oh, and what was the  Spring message from this lovely lady,Beth Moore, for this lovely year? “Oregon your time has come”.


Until next time, realign yourself with His (new, original, great, small, hard, easy, In Season, Out of Season, humble, lofty) Plan and He WILL give you new assignments.


“You don’t have to hold on to what is holding you down, I’ll lift you up to higher ground.” by Kathy Halley

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7 Replies to “Realignment = New Assignments”

  1. This sounds like a season of “52 pickup” with multiple areas of your life tossed, shuffled, and realigned. I am sure that it will bring forth a plethora of “new” adventures in Him, blessings yet to be uncovered and… years of writing material 😉 Continue the race, stick to God’s truth, and may God give you a time of refreshing this summer.

    Blessings to you my friend- Holly


  2. I am glad you made it through your testing season. We all have to walk through tough times to appreciate the good ones. It is great that you were able to take part in the Jubilee 50 year celebration and I am sure came back rejuvenated and inspired! Thanks for your comments and visit to my posts. I am universal in my love of God, so I won’t put a lot of Christian thoughts or my personal beliefs on my blog. I am so happy to have all faiths feel comfortable reading and hope to have them teach me, too.


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