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The Whispering Niggles and The Very Big What If

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“You’ve thrown it all away” “In this business you have to ubercredible” What if you’d done this or that or not done this or that” “See? Told ya”.  The whispering niggles…self doubt, insecurity, uncertainty. Raising their tiny voices like white static in the background in a grandiose attempt to block out the One Voice that matters.

What If …

Every Word of encouragement

Every strong act of Valor

Every Word of Knowledge

Every Prophetic utterance

was for Such a Time As This?

The Whispering Niggles come to kill steal and destroy.

What if…

Instead of shaking your head in disappointment

or discouragement or second guessing,

yourself or others,

you reached back and pulled out those Words,

Realizing HE had given them not in hindsight;

But in advance.

As an Anchor of Hope.

What if…

Everything good done up til now still stands.

Everything from here on is based,

Even more fully on His Word,

His Hope, for His Glory.

What if…

Until next time, What if We were VERY, VERY Brave, Brilliant, and Beautiful?

Care to share a verse, scripture or quote to encourage another? Guaranteed, someone somewhere needs it like an Anchor of Hope


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