Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

crossonthehillMotionless. Tears slowly, silently slid from under her closed lids down her soft cheeks. Her head bent, heavy with burden.


The thief comes. he comes. he w-i-l-l  c-o-m-e. he will. why does it take so long to understand? we can say it. we get it~ but somehow really getting it ? a process

Doesn’t matter your background, your status. The thief will come. Why, after watching my life change to a glorious Beautiful Display of His Goodness, you still  doubt? You see HE’s not a magic genie. You’ve seen HIS  faith fullness . The Fullness of God. The IAm.

Everyone. Yes everyone of us stumbles~regrets something we say, don’t say. Is hit with accident, death, disease, financial fails. Yes, even you.

It’s what we do with it that matters.

Keep going.


The whispering niggles tried to convince her that she was now disqualified. That every Promise spoken by so many, so recently had slipped out of her hands. the thief. kills. steals. destroys.

Slowly her head came up. Eyes sparkling with understanding.

“The Promises are not  null and void”, HE Whispered. “The Words are true Daughter. You had to hear them BEFORE, to get you through.”

IN the midst of great pressure she had pressed In, pressed through. At the other side she found HIM still there with the Promises. Because she seeks HIM, HE sees her. She recognizes her Calling. She accepts she is destined for Great God things. and the responsibility, qualifications and weightiness that go with.

*you ARE a woman of Great Purpose.

*you ARE a woman greatly Blessed.

*you HAVE hit the jackpot: favor will follow you all the days of your Life.

*you ARE My Mighty, Godly spiritual weapon taking territory from the powers of darkness.

*you WILL rise from the ashes to War for and lead My People.

*you WILL land on The Cross…

*you WILL Sing A New Song.

and recognizes that no one and nothing can change these Truths. not even herself.

she seeks HIM, HE sees her.

Romans 11: 29 for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.


You, Friends, WILL be greatly Blessed when you choose Jesus over all things. All those empty spaces of life  you try to fill with other things? Guaranteed, Life won’t look a thing like you anticipate. Life will BE much, much better. Rich. Full. Fruitful. Peace filled.  Landing on The Cross means You, too, will sing a new song.

If you’ve followed this week you’ve seen the pattern. Transparent stories of those who Overcome. Stop back Monday for a short  on writing your Autobiography.

Today, purpose, that no matter, what you will Land on The Cross of Christ…no matter what.

Until next time, Shandra. Landing.

Matt 25:21 : Well done, good and faithful servant…” 



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