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One Year, One Week and A Lifetime Ago

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If you click on the link above you’ll catch a snap shot from last year. If you continue reading you’ll catch a snapshot of one week ago. (If you click on those at the very bottom you’ll see snapshot of our TX road trip fr 3 years ago…or click a Travel tag and see even more. If I were to pick  just one it would be  This only BEGINS to tell the story of praying Grandmoms . btw~if you have a mom, aunt or grandmom praying for you? give up, give in NOW . You are NO match for the Plunder List:) ).

This lovely, hard-working, lively , sharp-tongued,  judgmental, fiercely  loyal, Well Loved and respected Lady was laid to rest. One week ago today. Some of us made it this time, some of us didn’t. It’s ok cause last year was 100 year Birthday Party (yes, born in 1912)  and so many of us joined in . It was Lovely. Fun. Poignant. And I knew it would be the last time I would see Meme.


God is good that way. Over my lifetime, I’ve often known when it was the last time to see a loved one living. Her prayer was to live to be 100. Just before her 101st He let her slip away from this realm to join His. Much better to Celebrate when we’re Living. Don’t ya think?

Until Next time~ Celebrating~Shandra

Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Replies to “One Year, One Week and A Lifetime Ago”

  1. Amen to praying grandma’s. I had a great one. And I pray that I am a copy of her. Praying for our grandkids is such a great way of seeing how our Lord is working at all times in our family’s lives. Thank you Shandra, as always. God bless.


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