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Hi Friends! Trying some New things in this  Brave New Season…

Today it’s joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five-Minute Friday.
The rules: Write for five minutes. No editing, revising, over thinking, or backtracking. Just write. And link up. You really should go over and check it out. Lots of great writers with wisdom to share.

Five Minute Friday

My first #FMFParty! Here Goes~


She opened her eyes expectant and sure of the response, yet… Something in the other Woman’s eyes caused her to hesitate.

Why oh why had she been so foolish! She had just poured her heart , hopes and dreams out to a person who was not even listening! She felt that if she could, the other Woman would be glancing at her watch …right…about…now. Yep. Excusing herself for another appointment she walked away.

Tears streamed down her cheeks . What seemed too trivial and time wasting to one was tearing another apart. What one had heard before, overcome and had no time for now, was causing another to stumble, falter and doubt.

She had just needed someone to talk to. To share with. She had not chosen well. Or. Was it truly that her problem was a waste of time?

When she arrived home  eyes puffy from an afternoon of crying she was surprised to see a car in her drive. At her door was the Woman. Blushing she asked to be allowed in. Over steaming mugs of coffee she explained her unusual behavior earlier. She had a very important doctor’s appointment scheduled where she was to learn the results of tests. She couldn’t keep her mind off it and therefore had not been “available” to tune in. She’d not been present.

“You trusted me enough to call on me” “To ask me for guidance because I’ve been there, done that”, she laughed. I’m so sorry I seemed callous and uninterested. I’m here now.”

Where ever you go go with all your heart. Be all there. Be present for those around you. Watch for opportunities to speak into and bolster up others. To be a Present day doing what Jesus did. That’s why we’re here. And it’s the greatest Gift you can give to another.


Until next time!


oh, and why you ask is the post time Thursday night if it’s Five Minute Friday? The prompt posts at 12:01 am Central time. Great Question! Go check out the other answers! Happy Blogging! 


22 Replies to “Five Minute Friday: Present”

  1. so love this! i so want to be present in my life for that very reason – because people – be it family, the kids, my husband, the people i minister to, friends, aquaintances – they need me to be present! i’ve been so feeling that that call for presentness is so shaping my life at the moment – thanks so much for wrapping words around something i’d been thinking.


  2. Hi Shandra,
    Welcome to FMF & what a great story you shared…so glad the Woman came by, and explained her situation and the two of you could connect …it is so true that to be present is a gift we give another, and it is also true to show grace to ourselves and to another, if we/she fails to do so…


  3. Wow! Such a powerful story in just 5 minutes! I loved it! I love how we can see both sides of it so clearly… it helps to remind us to offer Grace – for sometimes we need to pour out our heart, and sometimes we are distracted and are not great listeners! Be all there… that is what I attempt to do everyday! (Some days are easier than others!)

    Thanks for stopping by my post as well, neighbor! Glad you participated in FMF!


    1. It did indeed take courage. 🙂 That ‘preoccupied, forgetting from she came, overcomer’ Woman was me.

      The appt. was a THIRD follow up mammogaphy which I told no one about until time came. Then only one prayer partner was let in to the ‘secret’ by text as I entered the doctor office.
      I was at total peace with the come what may results but anxious to get it over.
      This is not to ask for sympathy only to say oy. I messed up.
      The younger woman was gracious and kind to receive me back let alone allow me to speak into her life situation.
      Thanks for your kind words, SHandra


  4. Welcome to #FMF!!! It is such a great link & community. So glad you shared this. It was so good to get perspective from both sides. May we learn to give one another grace instead of taking offense. It was great to meet you 🙂


  5. It is sometimes hard or challenging to be “all there” but I think it fair to tell the person about to pour their heart out that you are distracted… sometimes if one is a mother, it is the kids in the background, sometimes it is your own powerful grief… but scheduling a friend visit means paying attention and this is a very great reminder!


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