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Wellspring ~ by Holly McKim Woman to Woman Wednesday


What is it about running water,

that mesmerizes and draws one in?

A splash and a ripple,

concentric circles to the outer rim.

There’s something about the timeless motion

that ceases the commotion in one’s soul.

To be swept away beyond the cares of today.

To reach down and dare touch the possibilities.

The caress of cool flowing water, running through the fingers

Can’t quite grasp or contain what’s happening.

To be pulled with the strength of an undertow

there’s no denying-

Jumping in.

The water blue. The water deep.

The water pure. Wellspring of truth washes over me.

Indiscriminate of my choices in life

Indiscriminate of my wrong and right.

The whole of my soul is accepted.

The ugly, the bruised, life’s subjected.

Reflecting, cleansing,

Healing, restoring…

Can you see the water dancing?

Laughter in the Father’s eyes

as He tickles the soul,

He delights in our life,

a story yet to be told.

8/8/08 Holly McKim

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