Wonders of The Window Seat

Wonders of the Window Seat
July, 2012

Stepping onto the plane, breath held. Could it be? Yes!

Not only the roomiest space with leg room galore, but a W I N D O W S E A T too?

Lord you amaze me. (Secretly hoping no one knew I had only intentions of sleeping the entire nonstop flight.)

The high pitched mom voice paired with the low tones of a young male as they stepped onto the plane, were unmistakable. Nerves, anxiety, high excitement ….grief?

Please, Lord, no.

Standing there, watching them move down the aisle, I knew.

Stopping . Right. Here. A 30ish woman weighted down by The World. Her eager, hesitant bright eyed, sad faced 6ish son.

In moments, greetings exchanged . Enough to know.

“You’ve never flown before?”
“Here, take my seat.”

Wonder, excitement , uncertainty. “Can I , Mom?”
Hesitancy, weary tears, smile of gratitude from a young woman as her son slipped into the roomy seat and she next to him.

Telling you, all the action takes place on the aisle anyway. 🙂

Luckily, I didn’t sleep much that flight (sleep is highly over rated) but we did chat and chatter and talked about Life and Hope. I listened while a mom tried to explain to a total stranger and her 6year old son why they were headed North on a non stop…then held her hand, prayed and breathed, as we took off  and landed.

Listened and watched as a little boy watched this Earth fly by below and the Heavens above. The clouds, the mist, the mountains. And asked is this where God lives?

I thought of a song by Cherie Call :

“I was sitting on a south bound plane,

I was buried in a magazine,

when the man in the next seat over

wanted to talk to me…”

If I’d slept I’d have missed the remembrance and Wonder of the Window Seat.

July 2013
Today , one year later, flying back across the country to new horizons and new friends. You can bet there won’t be much dozing this trip either.

I’ll keep ya posted here on instagram, Twitter @shandra__lee or FB Shandra White Harris. https://www.facebook.com/shandra.w.harris

Take good Care.

Until next time, Shandra, watching for Wonders Anew.


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