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One Happy Ending Love Story, An Anniversary Gift and A Stake In The Ground P1 Transparent Tuesday

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It was the next to the last nite the final meal of the day. We were certainly well fed, well read and well received. Entering the large dining room at Embassy Suites there was one seat . Right. There. The Lovely Woman to the right graciously offered the seat was indeed vacant. She seemed in spirit weightier than her years. Smile lines mingled with sorrow and grief over years of an obviously well loved .

Lin and her husband of 39 years had traveled the country teaching on Marriage .  This was her first time out and away from home since. he. passed. Four years ago. They’d raised children, been happy. Then he was gone. She’d sold their home and rented one in another state. She shared about how they met in college. How somehow the group had ended up paired off and she had ended up with him. (This gal suspects that he had seen the Jewel and had arranged said pair off 😉 )How they’s danced and fallen in love. Her eyes sparkling even when tears threatened.  For nearly four decades, a leader in their home, church, family and her Hero.

She was there at Proverbs 31 MinistriesShe Speaks Conference to learn new skills. She’d written a book. She had a publisher. It was ready to roll. She was here. Because The Lord had spoken (in the voice of a very dear friend who had said she should go) . As the tears welled over, mine followed. She talked about her  Happily Ever After  Story. Every girl’s dream. Not perfect, but perfect for her…

We Danced! – – Lin Sons : Inspiring Voices

She was watching me. She had seen this reaction before ? Telling every girl’s dream story of a Happy Ending love story. Tears and red ringed eyes from the listener? Thanking her for sharing such a deeply personal and lovely tale. She glanced down at my hands as she asked about my story. And. Waited. And Listened.

Marriage young,. Marriage to someone I thought would change. Someone I thought I could Change . We had a plan before marriage. we talked it through. Agreed. But somehow it just never quite got settled. Made new plans after marriage. New changes. Agreed. But somehow it just never quite was settled.  The  Marriage never Belonged To God. And by the time it did, it was too late. One of us was too far. Or both.

She listened. She asked. She knew. 

Then she smiled.


end of ~Part 1 An Anniversary Gift next up on Thoughtful Thursday. I think you might be surprised!

How about you?  Do you know some who’s Marriage/relationship is over the top? Is YOUR Marriage , Dating relationship Happily Ever After? We really want to hear your story. We NEED to hear your Story.


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11 Replies to “One Happy Ending Love Story, An Anniversary Gift and A Stake In The Ground P1 Transparent Tuesday”

  1. Oh so many dreams, oh so many tears. All kept in a place we thought would be forever. Now those dreams are gone. And tears come rolling back every once in a while. Yet I have found a love that will never bring the tears and one that can make new dreams come true. The journey seems to be long but, he is with me all the way. Never to leave , only to take my hand and love me all the way.
    Thank you for sharing Shandra.
    Thoughts written and inspired today by you.
    God bless.


    1. Kathy, my dear, what lovely Inspired Words from you, as always. He is indeed the Faithful Provider, Lover, Confidante , Dreamer, and Friend. Love to you. XoX Shandra


  2. Such beautiful remembering of a conversation that glittered in your heart. Marriage is a work of earthly proportions, some of which just never gets accomplished the way we hope this side of glory. I love the thought of fresh starts and new beginnings almost as much as I do the thought of happily ever afters. So miss your listening ears and heart, friend.


  3. Lin knew your story, but was a kind listener. You did need to hear her story and I am so glad you shared it here with us at Tell me a Story. I understand an abusive husband too, and my daughter left a marriage where all he could think about was himself, deserting her and their 5 children for a fling. But God was good to her and gave her a wonderful loving husband who respects her and loves her children too. Following God is the most important path anyone man or woman can take. When the pain returns in memory it is time to cast it to Jesus the Forgiver and ask Jesus to forgive that person through you. ♥ ♥ ♥


  4. True, true Hazel.
    Hearing truth and HOPE that’s possible to have emotionally, spiritually, healthy joy-filled, growing dating and marriage relationships is a vital missing link in this fallen world. I realized early days I’m a very balanced, emotionally healthy fatalist. Most women see happily ever after Prince Charming. ‘Lucky’ me sees all the warts and faults. All the reasons ‘this won’t work’…but God. Which is why The Father also gave me the gift f seeing people as HE does….healed, whole, embracing-walking in their Divine Authority. In every aspect of Life my glass was once overflowing with Hope enough for half the continent.
    Where are the headlines husband caught being faithful to wife for 35 years? Man runs to Jesus rather than another woman (or man). Man turns and runs from temptation, home in time for dinner? Girlfriend faithful through sorrow and loss, @rewarded” with honor, news at 11:00?
    We need to are desperate to hear more of the stories like Lin and like yours. Hazel&Robert…through Christ alone.
    Thank you for visiting.

    We Danced! – – Lin Sons : Inspiring Voices:…/We-Danced.aspx (also at Amazon)
    Tell Me A True Story :


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