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One Happy Ending Love Story, An Anniversary Gift and A Stake In The Ground ~Part 3

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Here we are. Part 3. What should be the final installment..but is truly a NEW BEGINNING...and is also the most difficult, believe it or not, to post. I’ll not repeat too much of the previous posts because you can simply read them here:

I’ll also not share too much detail today, because it’s too personal, too much a Word in Season for my heart alone. It’s  another story, another time.

This story , as all do, began years ago. The most ‘immediate”: Seven years ago, happily drying my hair, minding my own business, a Word dropped into my mind to which I quickly replied “You’ve got the wrong Gal.” Six years ago graduating an equipping class where my secret hopes and dreams were publicly spoken…(but not that Word. whew) …to which small i SILENTLY whispered “You’ve got the wrong Gal.”

Four years ago I joined the ranks of the passport wielding AND began  blogging. Two years ago He said “Downsize Now ” (another soon to post happy ending story) Four months ago He said Write “. Three months ago He said “Launch” Two months ago He said “Go”.

I Launched and I went. But hear this Friends. I told only my youger son. NO ONE else.  N-O -O-N-E.

Obediently I showed up at the appointed time, Storytelling  tools in hand. Spoke with surprisingly shaky voice (due in part to having just been introduced to two audience members who critique this kind of thing professionally…oy) passed out remembrances, sat down, done.


Obediently I showed up to SheSPeaksConference to learn, to hear, to share bits of my story, to make new friends and to disappear in to the sunset once again.



and her story. And this question Lysa TerKeurst asked: “How many of you came to SheSpeaks and told No One?

Oh My Gosh” thought I, “how in the WORLD did she  know? As my hand went slowly up, glancing around the Ballroom of 700+ women imagine my surprise when there were a half dozen like minded hands tentatively wavering midair. Who Knew?!

Lysa went on to say she had actually met a woman during the conference whom she had “forced ” to take a picture with her and post on Social media as her stake in the ground . To friends, family…The World.

Still thinking “you’ve got the wrong Gal!” and that i would ride off into the sunset in a few days~ at dinner one of those soft southern nights, lulled into Confidence and Destiny, I shared with two new lovely Friends the W-o-r-d from S-e-v-e-n y-e-a-r-s ago, (said here in whispers just like that evening)

As the words came out, blushing i just as quickly followed with “I can’t believe I just told you that. There’s only one other person on earth i’ve shared that with. ” ( and didn’t tell them her response had been a resounding “Who Do You Think You Are?”

We sat there. I waited.for.that.comment. It never came. They were so excited for the possibilities (much more than small i, let me tell ya)

Much to my surprise, NO ONE that weekend asked anyone else that question. NO ONE . On the contrary encouragement, camaraderie, hugs, high fives, tears,  Hopes and Dreams . That’s What Happens When Women Say Yes to God  .

The few of you, Friends, i told i was going on vacation to NorthCarolina

and let you think what you wanted. Not because i was afraid of this comment perhaps, but more about what might follow. Expectations? Being Called out? Fear of being seen as self promoting? Fear that it might not come True? Or as One very insightful Lovely said over frozen yogurt after my return, “Fear that it might come true?”

I’m not certain. But Please Forgive Me. I’m planting my stake in the ground and tieing  to all He has Called and Gifted me to do.

I’m here as a Grown Woman with a Childlike Heart ( and Ginormous Childlike Fear ) to tell you: male, female young or old, single, married, widowed, divorced~ Plant Your Stake. Take your position. Walk in your Authority.

We need you. We need your story. We need your Hope.

Had I passed up this adventure I would not have known so many similar  life paths of these Women After God’s Own Heart . Who, like us have pressed into healing and wholeness, now allowing Him to use our stories of brokeness for His Glory. Because friends, here’s the kicker. I had never heard of She Speaks  Never. Over coffee or frozen yogurt i’ll happily share the details of how My MIGHTY TO SAVE  God orchestrated this late comers journey, lodging, financing, as only He can.

Don’t Give up. Plant Your Stake. Take Your Gifts. Pursue that ‎Happy ending  Story. He is Inviting you. Y’all Come.

Thanks for reading, for encouraging, for sharing your tissue box and the emotional roller coaster ride(s). See ya back on Motivation Monday. Blessings and Humble Thanks, Shandra

and excellent read: (I’ll be fetching my copy for yet another look see…)


an excellent related link: check it out. …

6 Replies to “One Happy Ending Love Story, An Anniversary Gift and A Stake In The Ground ~Part 3”

  1. How do I find out more about the Inspiring Women meetings in the Bend area? I’d like to attend the September meeting. My stake in the ground was self-publishing my first ebook on Amazon in October 2012.


    1. Good for you, Carol! If you’re part of Meet Up! already you’re familiar w/the workings. If not here’s a link. Hope to see you there! then search for Bend and IWCO . You can find the group on Facebook as well.

      I’m also part of Central Oregon Writer’s Critique group that meets once a month.

      Thanks for stopping by here and Staking your Future. Blessings, Shandra


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