THE FATHER’S JOURNAL ~ Guest Post for Worship Wednesday

FathersPureLoveDo you know how I feel? Hold a newborn in your arms. Touch a petal of a rose and take in the sweet scent it gives. It’s like when the rain hits your face, and you feel refreshed, I desire more of you.

And when I gather all your tears, I’ll bring another to take your hand and bring you near. And when a warm summer breeze blows through the trees, listen to the leaves from they will sing you a song.

My heart and arms are big and strong.  Never worry. I”ll hold you all day long.



Kathy Halley 8/4/2013 from THE FATHER’S JOURNAL


  1. Sweet thought expressed. However, the article needs an edit. The words “pedal, sent and son” need to be changed to the words ” petal, scent and song” to read correctly. There are two stand alone sentences that are run on sentences, but need to stand alone for impact. Those two sentences are “I will hold you strong” and “I’ll hold you all day long”.


    • Indeed it is, I so agree. My long time Friend Kathy Halley should who wrote this (and MANY more) should capture her Father’s Heart in a book, don’tcha think? Thanks Betty, and by the way I LOVE your Wednesday around the World Linkup!!! 🙂 #WAATW check it out readers.


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