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All In Guest Repost for Thoughtful Thursday

Hello friends, I came across this post from my friend Missy early this morning. In an attempt to reblog this, the techno gremlins came out full force, hard at work. No worries ! As the day has  progressed I’ve had time to ponder this question~ Have -you-found-it? .


and No.

I’ll share what I had earlier written”I find myself no longer inching forward. I’m again pressed in to the Gate longing for more of what He has to offer in this Life.” For me it means letting go (Finally HIS time to move on!!!) of all the things that hold me back. furniture? relationships? Fears? perceptions? whatever it is…and moving further into what HE has. It’s big stuff when we say Yes To God.

Alas, I detect the formatting gremlins may be at play. So sorry! But for  your mid day reading scoot on over to some of these Blogs she mentions including hers! You’ll be happy you did. And if you like hook up!

via All In.~~~

Have you found it?That thing that you’re looking for.Are you inching any closer to grabbing a hold of it?I don’t know about you, but my soul has been longing for more lately. Anyone else?Maybe it’s this new season of parenthood that’s upon me or the new life stages; It could simply be that for the first time in a long time, I have the time and space and desire to examine those things that my soul has been lacking.  I’m not really sure.But, this I know. While my days may indeed be filled with the mundane, that does not mean that life, itself, is mundane.  Oh, no!In Lysa TerKeurst’s book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, she states that,  “A holy God in the middle of life’s mundane activities will change your life.” Whether you’ve just started walking with God, or have been walking with Him for decades, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you know pretty stinkin’ well that life with Him is anything but mundane. Amen?Blessed? Sometimes. Adventurous?  If we’re so blessed. Peaceful? That depends on whether we’ve got our eyes set on external peace or internal.But life with God is never mundane.Even in the mundane.In fact, I wonder what my God thinks of all this soul hunger I’ve suddenly developed; this deep desire that I finally have to be radically obedient to whatever He has for me.Whether what He has for me is located in the bunk beds down the hall, or in the marriage that takes constant tending and dying to self, I pray that my heart cries “Yes!”. It may be that God has a mission for me in the halls of my children’s school, or in a place that is more than I can ask or imagine. Or maybe, it’s simply in a place that beats wildly right underneath my very skin and bones. . I still pray that I am able to cry “Yes!” with everything I’ve got.Whatever God says to do, I realize now, I must do! And He is waiting for me to surrender it all – heart, soul, and strength to Him to make of it all what He will.For His glory.That excites me.My soul finally longs to be all in.And that’s exactly where you’ll find me, my friends.In the midst of figuring out how I can say YES to God.Wanna join me?I’m participating in a weekly blog hop over at Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Study.  If you’d like to read how other hearts are responding to the book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa TerKeurst, click the button below! If you’d like to join over 22,000 women from 120 countries in this  Online Bible Study, click here. Share this:

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