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Hi Friends! Here’s What’s Happening

Many of you have noticed lots of recent guests and reblogs. I LOVE sharing the wisdom and lessons of others here on the pages of With Heart Wide Open. And the fact that I traveled for a week then add moving last week and this has given you the added benefit of other perspectives. (moving houses that is, not sites just yet)

By the way~ If you’d like to post with us we would truly LOVE to have you join us. Stories, Poems, Devotions and more! Just check any of the “tags or categories” below any of the posts or scoot over to the “Pages” at the top of this blog to see if we’d be a fit~The Stories, The Story Teller and With Heart Wide Open Ministries. You can email to with questions or material.

In the meantime here’s what you can expect this coming week :

Motivation Monday: Group Therapy

Transparent Tuesday: Group Therapy  (some of us need a refresher! 🙂 ) with a link up telling the True story.

Thoughtful Thursday: Owner of My Heart

That’s the Promise for this week Friends.  If you’re here for the first time thanks for stopping by, if you’re a regular thanks for hanging in here with me!

If you’re a praying sort, this week will be chock full of needs: stamina, discernment, healing emotions, healing physical , and God‘s continued Grace to fall with open doors and His perfect, amazing timing. as we move from our home of 12 years into a lovely townehome. So full of  Hope, Anticipation for this Season of New Beginnings.

throwing off the Old!

With Many Blessings and Thanks!


A Grown Woman with a Childlike Heart, Amazing Savior, Inspiring Life.

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