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All I Need To Know I Learned In Group Therapy –

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This lovely, lovingly handmade poster you see below? I came across it while packing for a relocation. Alright. Truth? It has hung on my wall since receiving it in 2009. Which explains the wrinkles on it and me. ūüôā

3/19/2009 Graduation Gift from One of the Lovelies
THE PHOTO: 3/19/2009 Graduation Gift from One of the Lovelies

At every turn in this Life The Lord has truly, richly Blessed This Woman. At every turn in the road there have been the exact people, professionals, counselors, teachers, mentors needed. Exact. God Meant It for Good 

The Giver was graduating. She was done. Finished. Moving on. The Tradition was for the graduate to bestow a gift to each classmate signifying what she believed, had learned and would hold dear in the Life ahead.

Now Dear Friends, please don’t get the idea that Life has all been Woe is me¬†¬†Not! But the dark valleys have been l-o-n-g , difficult at times to break free and well, dark!

Because truly. You’ve heard of The¬†Golden¬†Touch? Yep. Truly.¬†And that in itself can cause all kinds of issues (mostly for others and puts a BIG target on your back for the enemy)

But not in the beginning. The title that is. Yes. Here we are back to this story. I was cruising along in life. Looking and FEELING lovely, fit, healthy, happy whole. But there was one ¬†little thing that kept trying to rise up and control me…again. Quietly. Discrete inquiries ¬†made. “Why Yes” the voice on the phone line replied. “There are two of those therapists East of the Cascades. One is in Eastern and one is here, local. But you will never get in she’s the only one, very good and in great demand.”

Calling The Therapist, after strong prayer , I got in immediately because, ¬†she ‘just happened’ to have an opening. We chatted face to face, agreed we were a fit and I began seeing her 1:1 . All going lovely and smoothly and Then…she suggested joining …the …gasp…Group Therapy

Group Therapy.

No. Not even. No Way.

No One would understand.

Not sharing these things. Publicly. Ever.

Next thing I know….Weeks later…Tears. Anguish. Heartache. Breakthrough. Healing. Hope. Graduation for One Of Our Own. We women who had come together at first so wary of one another. So very different each one of us. Yet we had found the common feminine thread when we shared our hearts, hurts, hopes in a safe, confidential , honoring, transparent setting. United.

There’s no secret to my past struggles. Trauma, Poor Choices, Addictions and mis-use of The Midas Touch, run in this generational family line. I and several others, have chosen to Pioneer¬†¬†changing the future by facing the Past.

Beloved Friends, what ever you learn in this life learn this~ you do NOT have to settle where you are. You are God’s Master Piece and He wishes for you to Shine.

If you are in need of assistance please find it:  Al-Anon Family Groups , GriefShare,  Assault and Date Rape Recovery , WeightWatchers, Eating Disorders , Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , DivorceCare, 

The key is to be an active part of your healing, progress and growth. Through 40 years of seeking growth and healing, I’ve walked away ¬†from/out of many meetings and small groups, recognizing they were unhealthy. Don’t waste my valuable time.

I ‘ve been part of many more than I can tell you here. The great ones launch to the next level of understanding, as painful at times as it can be, ¬†and just as importantly, released me when it was time.

Ultimately, to walk in  Wholeness.

(and in case you’re wondering I graduated shortly after my new friend) ūüôā

Where ever you are today, take care of the Little Girl (or Little Boy) within you. She or he needs to know love, wholeness, safety. And remember~Recovery is a journey.

(Oh did I mention The Graduate gave us each a CD as well? I’ll leave you with one of the tracks . She dedicated this to our Therapist,Who still Leads with Humility, Confidence and Honor. You know who you are. ūüôā Couldn’t agree more! )

Until next time, Shandra ~ May you lead and be led with Honor, Humility and Confidence.




7 Replies to “All I Need To Know I Learned In Group Therapy –”

  1. Sharing in a group face to face can be freightening at first. Especially if it is your first visit. We are all so much alike in our fears, but when we learn to trust in God, He will comfort us and lead us where we need to go. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”


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