Pruning, Downsizing and The Five Year Plan ~ Part 1

You may have heard I’m MOVING!!!! Just a wee bit excited. Sorry. I’ll try it again…

God speaks we listen. (And immediately obey…every…time. Right!?)
Ok, stop laughing at yourself. It’s ok. You’re definitely in a friendly camp here!

Two years ago , give or take , a very new Christian Intern spoke Words that were so right on I was left speechless. (A rare event, indeed) 🙂 no they weren’t about true love or winning the lottery and to the other hearers in the room they were just weird word pictures. To me? Ominous, spot on meaningful. As is God’s way, ending with Promise.

I’ve written or alluded to several of these events here in these pages.
The final event has occurred . Now what?

God is On The Move. “Follow Me, Quickly!” He Calls.

Looking back now, I can’t even clearly recall how all these events swirled together with such a strong emotional tie. But I know they did. And that Tie was becoming a noose tightening like a serpent.

Then recently , a March/June Message  spoke on John 15. Pruning…I know what you’re thinking. Wrong.

In March 2013, at God’s request, I had stepped down from two  church ministries I love, to make way for others. (As soon as I obeyed, those waiting in the wings for a space to serve showed up. Imagine 🙂 ) and trust me friends, the thought of stepping down and the impression it might give- totally rubbing me the wrong way (anyone?)  But God asked. I Obeyed.

Clearly again The Lord reminded me of the burden my home has become and the Blessing it could be for the right family.
Clearly HE spoke again about the time that would free up to spend with Him, to spend with friends, to be outdoors.

Clearly He spoke again how the injury that has stopped running (and left me out of shape and feeling unhealthy)~will open up other avenues…snowshoes? Kayaking, Spinning? Anyone? And without the constant upkeep of an 11 year “project home” 🙂 imagine the time, energy,  Ka Ching $$$$ ! That could be invested elsewhere.

Seeing it written here makes perfect sense. The rest of the story?

Eight years ago while divorcing my then husband, The Lord clearly spoke “Keep this house and make a Home for The Boys.” I obeyed. We kept the house with the 35,000 gallon above ground pool, 1200sf of wood decking, 1500sf 3bedroom 2bath, 2car garage, .27 acre lot, culdesac project home. (It had been a project when purchased 3years prior and still is!) do you see how it could become a bit of a chore? But somewhere deep inside was a gnawing idea that I had to make this place ‘presentable’…translation? Ever seen House Beautiful ?

Every aspect of this life story has Gods Hand so clearly evident. (And yours too. Just look a little closer)….

Now best get busy, today is The Big Day. Keep ya posted….part 2 coming up!

July 6 , listed.
August 19, closes.
God is Good.

All The Time.


How about you? What is God Calling you to let go? Step into? We’d dearly Love to know!


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