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Motivation Monday! Big Move has Happened!

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Hi Friends, Thanks so much for hanging in here and coming back week after week! This has been a highly charged, fast past week and month. A 30 day closing (requested by both parties…why waste time when you know?) 6 days of which One Woman was out of state.

Listed home July 8, 2013

Closes home August 19, 2013

A HUGE thanks to the Realtors, Title Folks, Assessors, Movers, Property Managers, Handymen, Electricians,’Anonymous’ Landlords, Friends, Family, and so many more who made this happen. 

If you care to stop back tomorrow for Behind The Scenes Link up and Thursday for Part 2 Link up to Tell Me A Story, but for today~~~



2 Replies to “Motivation Monday! Big Move has Happened!”

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Anonymous. Address is not public just yet.( Dont want folks stopping by and tripping over boxes.) Email contact remains the same.


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