Pruning, Downsizing and The Five Year Plan Part 2 ~ Tell His Story

Hello Friends, Neighbors, Family and ‘just ‘Stumbled Uponers (who don’t know how you got here….but God does) :),

I realize that for many, many of you this is NOT the way your home or credit or Life has turned out. BUt you  have your health,  your marriage, your career,your ministry. It is with GREAT prayer that I post this w/out changing the details (which are all on file anyway) May I respectfully and humbly ask you to read :

and look at some of the other posts on this blog to get a greater picture of the Trials and Triumphs of This Woman and Redemptive Gifts  and Amazing Grace of God?

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Part 2

When originally purchased as a family home …$132,000. Circa 2001.
When purchased a few years later in a d-i-v-o-r-c-e buyout as a Single Parent (Mom) home …at the height of the ridiculously over-inflated housing market …$215,000.
*Yes, same house very few improvements twohundredfifteenthousanddollars. Don’t even start me*
Current payoff Balance remaining.? …$127,000.

Why am I sharing this already public information? Because it has taken The Lord My God in His Wisdom to PRUNE the Dead feelings : Failure, Rejection, Abandonment, Fear, Lack, resentment and so much more.

Also to PRUNE the OverGrowth of feelings: Self sufficiency, Striving, Overachieving, Talented , Gifted, Golden Touch, Make Something Happen and so much more.

As a Single Parent Household  We had some fun in this house. We tried to create a home. We worked our tails off tearing out the 35,000 gallon pool, 1,200 sf wrap around deck and hot tub (give a group of teen age boys sledge hammers and stand back !), we learned how NOT to stain a brand new 600 sf deck. (also purchased / built at the peak price for lumber for another $10,000 dollars. oy) We sledded down the steep winter drive, set fireworks in the culde sac and before the trees grew up to block the view, watched them from the Butte. We’ve learned its served its purpose. (“Make a home for these two boys (and yourself) Daughter”, was what The Father said. So I did)  We’ve learned we have other interests than home care and upkeep. And We’ve learned it’s ok. Time to Move On.

Now I feel as if I’ll have failed if I’m still here , in this house, in five years. Go figure! 🙂

Every step of the way The Lord , My God , has provided.  *My credit remains impeccable. *My bank account small but adequate *Our needs and wants humble. *Every step God meets us.*and says Follow Me Quickly but Enjoy The Journey.

If at some point should I choose to have a House Beautiful home. He will provide. No fixer upper. No project Condo. No doubt. But for this season? A little duplex or apt where some one is at my beck and call to willingly and capably do and PAY for the repairs??! Yes! Please!

There are no pretenses. The carpet in the bedrooms is probably the same since it was built in the late 70s (ok maybe not but close) . The cute tile with mushrooms and acorns is original and the plumbing is original, too. 🙂 Vintage!!!!

The point is that all these things were blocking me from being able to invite anyone, but a few, into my home. (Remember house beautiful?)  God has pruned this burden of feeling embarrassment, feeling lack, feeling shouldas, feeling failure at broken plans.

Oh, and after the sermon on John 15, PRUNING I slipped out to my volunteer station and guess who should appear? The radiant smiling faces of two realtors  , Rick & Mary Coffin, named TWO years prior in a dream. Right on time, as predicted, by Him…

Now best get busy, today is The Big Day. Keep ya posted.

July 8 , listed.
August 19, closes.Closed .
God is Good.

All The Time.


You know if HE is asking to let go, HE has better plans for AND probably someone waiting in  the wings to find just the place you step out of.

Now your turn. What is HE calling you to release? To let go? To step aside ? …OR to step into??


  1. LOVE the ending- the two realtors sent to you in a dream two years earlier and now in real life “right on time”. We can get so caught up in wanting things right now that we forget they are SO much better when it comes in His time. When we are patient, He usually gives us more than what we originally thought we wanted. Thanks for sharing!


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