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This is a Special One. All across our State of Oregon,  staff are reporting back officially  (we’ve been planning and learning and teaching all summer folks!)) for another Lovely, Hope-filled, Expectant school year. Many places across our Nation have already begun school. Little minds and Loving Adults.

Can you take a moment the next few weeks ( and months) to encourage a school bus driver Teacher, Lunch lady , school secretary, Crossing guard …? We all partner to teach and educate…The same Team.


As I enter my 30th year in education I’d like to say it’s been an honor and privilege to teach. There is a saying those who can’t , teach. That’s a lie.  Teaching is a skill, gift and Calling. Managing a herd of young uns who can’t tie their shoes, sit still or remember if they ate lunch yet 🙂 and empowering them to be productive, socially acceptable talented and gifted future Leaders?

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There’s is nothing else I’ve wanted to do. Since my very first recorded gig, as a Kindergartner/First Grader when I rounded up the 17 or so neighborhood kids , stacking them on the steps in the apartment building stairwell, to teach them to read/write their ABCs….wee bit sassy, even back then. (How’s that for management/leadership? ) Many years later no place I’d rather be than a classroom, with children eager to learn, to be guided and be loved. God has opened doors at every turn to keep the dream and inspiration alive.

Thanks for the honor of entrusting your children.

Until next time, Shandra. Celebrating the Gift.

*Where ever you are folks, I hope you LOVE what it is you do. If you don’t trust me, it shows. SO why not pray for God to open New Doors? What could it hurt?*

4 Replies to “Monday Motivation , Again?!”

  1. Hello Shandra! I hope all is well with you. I wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog. I hope I write interesting things for you. I’m going to follow you as well. 🙂 I’m looking forward to chatting with you. 🙂


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