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BNote FB Image
BNote FB Image

All of us here can relate to the words we speak to ourselves about being enough.

Am I smart enough?
Am I pretty enough?
Am I strong enough?
Am I creative enough?
Am I good enough? ”

From the Tribute to Beau



The BNote. Brain child of a loving family. In remembrance of their little brother, youngest son.



I spent a lovely sunny Central Oregon Saturday with Prayer Partners, then a Wedding, Then a Remembrance of a young man I knew only vaguely.

One of the many kiddos you hear about or think you might have fed pizza or given a Middle School  carpool home after a game or occasional youth group, or a just stopping by to ‘ding dong ditch’ evening. You know, as a parent during those hectic, wonderful, carpool, pizza, pool party, youth group soccer, football seasons.  You say something like “Sounds familiar. Who’s his mom”? (or dad)  when an extra body or mouth appears.

Turns out that eventually his mom and I would be work mates. Watching  a family love no matter what. And letting go at the same time. Brave. Lovely. Beautiful.

Watching the love of imperfect people loving other imperfects. Brilliant.

The impact this young man, Beau Hayes,  has had on so many in his short life is truly amazing. The continued impact this loving, stellar ‘arms wide open’, totally transparent Hayes family will have on this community is Christ with Skin.


For more of this story,  check out the website , TheBnote FB Page and follow along on Instagram for sure. Please do. You’ll be happy you did.

(Oh, my BNote? Stay tuned.)

Much more happened this weekend. But that’s another story. For another time.

Until then Be Brilliant, Be Brave, Be Beautiful. You are enough.

Psalm 139:14 NIV I Praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


**ALL photos by Hayes family and TheBNote .**

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